We’ve reached a point where nearly everyone, no matter if they’re young or old, uses the internet at least once per week. Most people on the internet use it to browse, which wouldn’t be possible without a web browser. There are many different browsers available, but nearly all of them now offer extensions.

Extensions are plugins and enhancements that can be used to alter your internet browsing experience. They can do simple things like adding download buttons to images, or they can be more complex, like extensions which automatically add deals and coupons on checkout. In this guide, we’re going to look at three of the best kinds of extensions for a smoother browsing experience.


Ad Blockers

While ad blockers are a subject of debate in the internet community, there is no doubt that they can be convenient for the person browsing the web. However, people also need to learn that there are responsible ways to use ad blockers. Ads that don’t affect the user’s experience shouldn’t be blocked, because you’re then essentially stealing from the person or company responsible for the site.

However, ad blockers can be handy on sites that use malicious ads which can potentially create malware and others which bombard you with endless pop-ups. In these cases, using an ad blocker is justifiable and sometimes even recommended, especially if you value your privacy. Just be sure to turn it off on sites that you support.

Grammar Correction On the Fly

If you’ve ever looked at newsletter email templates and other pieces of writing on the internet, then you’ve probably wondered how so much of it is grammatically flawless. You’d be surprised how easy it is to ensure that your grammar is also perfect on the web, and all it takes is an extension.

There are several different plugins that will go over everything that you write in text fields while browsing to ensure that your grammar, syntax, and vocabulary are all correct. Keep in mind that some of the more advanced ones will require a subscription so that you can take full advantage of them.

Automatically Apply Deals and Coupons

For people who do a lot of shopping online, coupon codes and similar offers can save plenty of money, but they’re often hard to come by. However, you can now get your hands on all available coupon codes for a product that you’re looking at just by installing the right browser extension.

While this isn’t guaranteed to work on every item, what’s the harm in installing an extension that can potentially save you money that you would have left on the table? You can even take a look at the history of the coupons that you’ve used so that you can see how much money you’ve really saved.


Browser extensions are powerful plugins that far too many users overlook, so at least go over some of the most popular ones to see if anything can help you. We hope that we’ve been able to improve your internet browsing experience with our advice.

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