5 Best Free Ways to Fax from Windows 10/8/7

Are you looking for a way to quickly send an important fax document to a client or business associate? Fortunately, online fax technology allows you to fax from your Windows 10/8/7 computer. 

This way, you won’t have to go looking for a traditional fax machine in your neighborhood. The best way to fax from your Windows computer is through an online fax service. 

GoogleFaxFree shows how to fax from Windows 10 computers. As a blog on everything about internet faxing, GoogleFaxFree provides useful information. In this post, you will learn about the 5 best fax apps for Windows 10/8/7. 

#1 CocoFax – The best free online fax service 

CocoFax is a leading online fax service that offers its users a free package. With CocoFax, you can fax for 30 days free of charge after signing up for the service. GoogleFaxFree acknowledges you can use this fax software for Windows 7 computers. 

CocoFax enjoys over a million users across the world. As well, the service has been in the spotlight in media outlets such as CNET and the New York Times. Besides, allowing you to fax from your Windows computer, CocoFax supports other platforms. 

The app supports both iOS and Android devices which makes it possible to fax from virtually any device. With CocoFax, you can even fax from your email address or even fax Google Docs or Office 365. 

What distinguishes CocoFax from the rest?

CocoFax comes with some of the most remarkable features in the online fax industry. Here are some of its unique characteristics: 

1. Safe, secure and reliable 

Cocofax uses the latest security protocols that protect your faxes during transmission. For instance, it encrypts faxes to avoid the likelihood of unauthorized access to your faxes. 

As well, faxes in your CocoFax dashboard have password protection. 

2. Lifetime storage 

Unlike many online fax services, CocoFax offers its users unlimited fax storage. This eliminates any worries of losing valuable fax communication. CocoFax automatically archives every fax on its server. 

#2 FaxZero

FaxZero lets you send free faxes to the US, Canada, and other international destinations. It allows you to attach a file or type the fax you want to send on your computer. However, you won’t be able to receive faxes without a subscription. 

Also, the free tier attaches an ad on your cover page. What’s more, it limits the number of pages to 3 per fax and a maximum of 5 faxes a day. Besides, you can send a fax of a maximum of 25 pages at a $1.99 fee. 

A subscription guarantees you no ads in your faxes and priority delivery. So, Unlike CocoFax, FaxZero doesn’t allow you to receive faxes on the free tier.

#3 GotFreeFax

For an online fax service that doesn’t add ads on your cover page, consider GotFreeFax. The service allows you to send faxes in Canada and the US. However, you won’t be able to receive faxes on the free tier. 

On its free tier, GotFreeFax allows you to send 2 faxes a day each with a maximum of 3 pages. If you want to send more than 3 pages, you can pay 98 cents for 10 pages. 

#4 FaxBetter

With FaxBetter free tier, you get a free fax number. It lets you receive a maximum of 50 pages per month free of charge. It even sends notifications for each incoming fax. FaxBetter archives a maximum of 1,000 pages. 

Unfortunately, you can’t send faxes on the free tier. What’s more, if you anticipate many faxes you will need to subscribe to the $5.95 per month plan. The plan lets you receive a maximum of 500 pages per month. 

#5 eFax 

eFax offers a free trial that allows users to receive faxes in their email. The service gives users a free fax number. It limits users to access 150 pages per month, which is great for light fax-receiving needs. 

The trial period lasts for 30 days. After the trial period, you’ll need an upgrade with the cheapest plan starting at $14.13 per month. Compared to CocoFax, eFax is more expensive. 


The best free way of faxing from your Windows 10/8/7 is through an online fax service. A reliable service will let you send and receive faxes on its free tier. Check out CocoFax, the service gives you full service during the trial period.

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