8 of the best apps in 2022 

8 of the best apps in 2022 Image

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Whether your preference is an Android device or you’re currently using Apple’s latest smartphone, the vast majority of us have become heavily reliant on our handheld devices. Sophisticated modern-day smartphones have advanced far beyond the communication tools they were initially intended for, with internet-based technology turning them into miniature computers. 

Much like a computer, our smartphones can handle many different things, from certain documents and images to various applications and types of software. People are also using their phones as entertainment tools, be it to listen to the latest top album on Spotify or to tuck into an array games by Microgaming, such as Avalon. When it comes to apps, many of us utilise them for a wide variety of reasons. Some apps help with money management, while others enable us to smash any health goals. In fact, apps are big business. As such, it has become somewhat of a saturated space given the sheer amount of options out there. On the whole, though, there are some excellent apps worth downloading on iOS and Android. Let’s assess eight of the best options right now. 

Pocket Casts

Podcasts are hugely popular options in the modern world, with people following every episode from the likes of Joe Rogan and other leading podcast creators. Using Pocket Casts, you’ll be able to access even more productions thanks to its handy search features and categories. The app also boasts some cool tools, such as a silence trimmer and a playback skipper. 


Sometimes we need help, be it advice or some helpful information that can enable us to master any challenges we face. Crumblyy is perfect in that respect, with the app offering tips, tricks, and fact-based strategies in order to help users navigate some of life’s obstacles. Daily hacks are prominently featured, too. 


Ever fancied adding more of a personal touch to your smartphone device? If so, then Zedge might be for you. Full of sounds and classic jingles, the app allows you to personalise the various noises your smartphone makes, from text notifications to alarms. 

Enlight Photofox

Improve your photo-sharing game with the help of Enlight Photofox. Offering pro-level editing capabilities and working with RAW files, this intricate editing application is one of the best apps of its kind. 


Bite is one of the many restaurant review apps out there, but it does it in a much more appealing way. For instance, high-quality images are a key focus. Additionally, only the most important bits from a review are featured. Put simply, Bite doesn’t contain the clutter and general headache-inducing layout that many other apps of its type do. 


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Sometimes sprucing up our social media profiles or a website’s design is necessary. In order to address the header situation, use Canva. A free and intuitive graphic design app, you can do pretty much anything on Canva, from changing shapes and fonts to adding illustrations and icons. 


From Twitter to Instagram, GIFs are shared everywhere online, making them a trend that will seemingly never die out. If you’re an avid GIF user, then Shabaam could well be for you. Enabling you to add audio to specific GIFs that you can search for via the app’s extensive library, your GIF game will definitely be elevated with the help of this clever app. 


Many people turn to meditation to combat any issues in life. If you’ve always fancied giving it a go also, then download Calm. This slick app offers guided sessions that don’t take up too much of your time, while helping people with anything from stress management and cultivating gratitude to improving sleep. 

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