10 Best Android Assistant Apps | Siri Alternatives

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  1. Andy says:

    Hi Devendra,

    Very nice and detailed. I think Cortana is the perfect one, when it’s about Siri like or Siri alternative.

    Thanks for making this list, keep it up.

  2. Alex Castellanos says:

    Hi there. I was wondering does Cortana or Google now read and write emails.

    1. Devendra says:

      Yes, they do. In google assistant just say “read my latest emails” same might work in cortana.

  3. Jill says:

    I’ve been using Google Now for the longest time.
    Now I want to install Jarvis on my phone just because I’m big Iron Man fan.
    Thank you for creating this list.

  4. Bhavesh sonani says:

    I am looking for virual assistant particular for my car as I am always on go and I need some good app which can voice activated and tell me as who is calleing and read out my messages

  5. Ankit says:

    Can you give a link for downloading beta version of Google Assistant

  6. Rick says:

    Great write-up on personal assistants I was wondering I am a person that wants total and utter automation I would like my phone to think on its own asking questions and allowing me to voice activate darn near anything I request is there anything of that nature available or or one of these assistants that have been listed above a good choice

  7. Chris says:

    I just want to try out Jarvis because I love Iron Man.
    Thanks for great reviews!

  8. Pratap Singh Soam says:

    i am not able download cortana app from play store, could you pls guide for the same.

    Thanks in Advance!!


  9. Mark says:

    Hi! You left out 2 great assistants of the Android market:

    This series needs a reboot very badly. Hope you include the above 2 to the list!
    fingers crossed.

  10. windows defender customer support says:

    I think there is no competition between Google search and other applications. I think Cortana is the voice assistance of Windows then how it will work on android? actually, I don’t have any idea so I am just asking this.. But One thing I must say that Google assistance is the best free application on Android and everybody should use it instead of any other application.

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