33 Cool Websites To Visit this 2017


We are going to dive into most coolest and some interesting websites you should not miss in this life. Not only that, you’ll find all the best weird websites that you will not find usually browsing the internet. Don’t you want to know about the most interesting websites on the internet? Yes, I can hear your sound. Also, when you browse those websites make sure to tell your friends about them. Because sharing is still a way of caring.

So next time when you meet someone- someone special, you’ll have something interesting to talk. However, for that, you’ll have to spend some time on this post to get familiar with the best Weird Websites. No matter you cannot be happy all the time, no one is. There is a secret about a fresh mood that comes after you see something good.

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All right, I think the topic is clear to you makes a list of Top Interesting and Strange Site and make sure to grab some person to browse them with you, if possible. Now, I  on quickfever try to post the best of the internet, and for the same reason, I curated this list of cool and interesting websites.

Cool Websites to Visit

Keep in mind here 33 websites are listed, but doesn’t mean these are the only websites you should visit before you die. The Internet is all about exploring. If you know such website that should it is in this post, the comment section is just a few scrolls away. First, we are going through top 10 cool websites you should visit then the rest of the sites that you might take interest.

Trump Donald

No words, this is one of the strange websites as of now. No sorry, I won’t tell you more about it.

weirdest websites

Check: Trump a Donald

Happy Wheels

This can be the most interesting game you should play in this life. This is hell amazing, in the craziest websites. I must say this is top in the weird websites list. Cool – And this game contains violence, so use it at your own risk.

weirdest websites

Play this most amazing game: Play Happy Wheels

Try to run

Opps, don’t blame the game. The developer’s vision was way ahead. Check next website to find out more weird internet sites.
cool websites

Play the game: Athletics

Fly guy

Sky has no limit, same in this game.
Fly this guy anyway: fly guy

More interesting and weird Games.

Cleverbot | Boibot

Feeling insane?

Are you tired of your friends who sent you the same messages again and again – in the same tone? Cleverbot is an Artificial Intelligence program developed to interact with a human. All you have to do is to send a message; you will get an instant reply. The more you reply you are going to get the coolest replies.

While Boibot is insane, you’ll see a male face, which actually make expressions. Also, the female bot is here.

Clever Bot | Boibot

Mrdoob Three Projects.

Amazing, mesmerizing projects. Apart from the three.js project, there are also many projects by mrdoob (you can see the projects floating at the header in above image.)

Press The Space Bar

This game is quite cool, the intention of this game is to figure out how many times you can press the space bar – in 5 seconds or 10 or 20. Moreover, hell, mine score was 37. What’s yours? Tell me in the comment section below.

top Weirdest And Strange websites

Visit Now: Press The Space Bar


Remember the bubble wrap kind gifts? Using the bus was funnier than the gift. You could have consumed many shots of minutes. Did you also fuse them in such way ‘pt-pt-pt-pt-pt’? This website owner created some virtual bubble wrap cardboard.ell.

Snap a Bubble: SnapBubbles


I was not sure that I would have to say this about ZoomQuilt. It is Fantastic infinite zoom illusion, never make you bore. Till the date, I have not seen such art on the internet. Besides, there is some wonderful art on the internet, but not like this.

Visit Now: ZoomQuilt

Test Gay

Take this simple test to find out something interesting about you. If you are very much sure about yourself, then you must check this out. So this is another weird website that has nothing much to do.

Check your Gay Status: Gay Test

Hardest game ever

No just can’t reach to level 3 in this game. It is very hard, trust me, I had played this – Doesn’t ring the bell.

Play this game: hardest game ever

Feed The Head

You have to play with this head, with an aim to disappear the head. Well, it is a bit tricky.
Here’s a guide on “How to finish FEED THE HEAD game.”

Feed Now: Feed The HEAD / Guide how to finish FEED THE HEAD game

Staggering Beauty

You’ll see a single thick worm, all you have to make it move with the movement of your mouse. You’ll amaze to watch what happens next.

Flash the worm: Staggering Beauty via Mashable staggering beauty.

Nicest Place on the Internet

Feeling sad or down?

All you need is a hug, and there are many who care.

Welcome to the nicest place on the Internet!!!
A website with the sole purpose of cheering you up with music and hugs from people who care. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Visit Now: Nicest Place on the Internet

Patience is a Virtue

Are you sure you have a fast internet connection? Then you’ll love this website, bet? No? Okey, chill.

Please open me fast: Patience is a Virtue

The Last Page on the Internet

This website is either not interesting or weirdest. It is something that we listed at the end of the list of top interesting, funny and weird websites.

Now you can simply turn off your browser and shut down you computer. Because I do not want you to blame me for your eyes, pain.

Visit Now: Last Page

PointLess Site.

This website has many amazing pieces of stuff, which are purely formed to waste your time. You can find more weirdest websites ever there.

Point Less site.

So these were weirdest websites on the internet I hope you spend some quality time. Hey, hang on, if you like some more cocktail you can stay and visit these websites to find some more.

Interesting Websites

Okey enough really weird websites. Now something different.

Dear Photograph – This website holds photos of peoples holding an old picture at the same place.

Textastrophe – Ok first you need to learn how to pronounce this website name. This website tells us what exactly will happen if we Post our cell phone number on public websites. The site owner or some other people starts a conversation with someone who gave ads on craigslist and And then they publish the whole conversation on the website.

Oh, this is insane. However, wait for privacy concerns the names and numbers are blurred out before posting a whole transcript on this website. (textastrophe.com).

Stratocam – Discover and watch some kind of cool and unexpected places on earth. Which contains only the best satellite images which you can found on Google Maps, but make sure you visit this website and enable the fullscreen mode. (stratocam.com).

Awkward Family Photos – The excellent place there people around the world sharing their embarrassing pictures of their loved one, and it turns out photos that are both funny and entertaining. (awkwardfamilyphotos.com).

Worldcam – Osho this website is not home countries like India. Because this website show geotagged pictures taken from Instagram. For example, live stream of Thailand Mall as it happens to be the most Instagrammed place.(worldc.am).

This Is Why I am Broke – Find faded products on the Internet. For example, a TV remote that looks like the magic wand as seen on Harry Potter series. Umbrellas in swords shape cover. Last but not least “Oreo Dunking Spoon”. (thisiswhyimbroke.com).

Lamebook – Find interesting and weird stuff posted on Facebook by peoples around the world. So this website is pretty much cool to bring back the fun in your life. Again for the privacy concerns Facebook users names are blurred to protect their real identities. (lamebook.com).

Honest Slogans – it is a showcase of remixed famous brands icon with a slogan that people can relate to their opinion. Like, Nintendo – Nothing to do and (honestslogans.com).


That was all about top interesting, funny and weird websites. If you like our efforts, you should share this fantastic post with your Facebook friends and tell them about the whole list of interesting websites.

So these were the most funniest and interesting websites that I think you’d love. Some of other websites that couldn’t make their place in the list are below.

Instant no Button: http://www.nooooooooooooooo.com
OMFGDOGS: http://omfgdogs.com
Click to remove: http://www.clicktoremove.com
BigLongNow: http://www.biglongnow.com
Break Glass Sound Alarm: http://breakglasstosoundalarm.com

More goodies.
Since we did not define our term of most interesting, weirdest and funny websites here, we’d like to present you some breathtaking sites.

Watch this video, if you are a man.

Hi guys, Devendra here – If you really enjoyed going through websites listed here. Make sure to share this list of top funny, weird and interesting websites list with your Facebook friends. Also in upcoming days, I’ll bring you more strange and cool websites you would like to visit and play. Which one you find most coolest websites? please share it with us in the comment section.

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