Desktop Windows Apps: How Games Play a Huge Part

Windows has come a long way from when it was considered nothing more than a posh word processor. The proliferation of desktop apps available today means that you can do practically everything on your Windows device. 

Whether you want to educate yourself, create an impressive work presentation or communicate with colleagues on the other side of the world via video conferencing, there’s a Windows desktop app ready to give you a hand. 

But there’s more than just the serious stuff; desktop apps can be fun too. Games are now a considerable part of desktop apps and are top of the charts when it comes to what’s available on Windows


If you’re a fan of gaming, the chances are that you’re already familiar with Discord. The app can be used in many ways, but it’s especially popular with gamers of all ages, helping to connect them before, during and after play. 

A completely free text and video chat service, Discord is full of servers dedicated to specific games. There are countless communities set up to follow certain games and themes, so it’s easy to join in with those that appeal to your personal likes. 

There are plenty of alternatives to communicate while playing, but Discord is often the preferred channel because it is compatible with them all. Downloadable to your Windows PC as a handy desktop app, your gaming pals will never be more than a click or two away. 

Online Casino Games

Online casino games have rocketed in popularity in recent years, helped by the appetite for digital entertainment, which was prompted by recent global events. Even though restrictions have eased, the demand for online casino games hasn’t receded, demonstrating it’s a trend that is here for good. 

It’s possible to play games online, but many regular players prefer the convenience of a casino app. This provides quick and easy access to the most frequently played games, including slots, blackjack and the many versions of online roulette.

Whether you like to play with a low budget or go all out for the big prizes, casino games can be played directly from your Windows desktop whenever the urge strikes. 


For a while, Steam and Discord were in direct competition with each other before Discord turned to communication and left the actual gaming to Steam. 

As a marketplace for gaming, Steam offers players an Aladdin’s cave of fun. There are thousands of titles available in its store, with many games created by gamers in the community. This means it’s possible to play the big releases through Steam but also explore the many smaller games created by solo developers who are just indulging a hobby. 

Some games on Steam are free, while others come at a cost – but they’re generally significantly cheaper than major releases. So if you’re on your Windows computer and want something new to play, just take a wander through the Steam catalog, and you’re sure to find something you like. And if you’re really stuck for inspiration, you can hop onto Discord and ask for some ideas!

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