Best DNS Servers list Public and Free (Working January 2019)

DNS Servers are used to resolve IP address assigned to Domain name. You will browse faster if you use these best DNS servers. These DNS servers are public and free to use.

When you type a website name or domain name into an app—like your browser, your computer sends a request to ISPs default DNS server to get resolved IP address (which assigned to that domain name). When your computer gets the IP address, it sends another request to the IP address to get the data required to render that webpage, that’s how the internet works.

Why use a DNS server?

So when you search a lot of websites, your browser has to resolve all the domain name to IP addresses, and this takes time. Sometimes your internet service providers default DNS server might slow down the process a little bit. So you can use alternative free and public DNS server to speed up IP resolving, this will make your browsing faster. Please know that it will not increase your internet bandwidth but it will help quickly resolve IP address of a particular domain name. So your computer can send a request to render the web page faster.

“So in a nutshell DNS server do their work by matching a website name to their associated IP address. Let me make it more simple when you type a website name on your browser’s address bar — amateur contacts to the DNS server to look up for the IP address which is associated with the domain name. Then your browser or your computer send safe browsing request to the IP address so it can render the webpage. So probably most of the Internet service providers maintain DNS server which can be slow at a time. Google and open DNS had their own free and maintained public DNS servers that you can use for faster IP resolving. So in order to use either of them DNS server you need to setup them to your computer so the next time your computer use them”. Source

Free DNS servers.

Here is an updated list of free / public best  DNS servers as of 2018.

DNS Server providerPrimary DNS ServerSecondary DNS Server
Alternate DNS198.101.242.7223.253.163.53
Hurricane Electric74.82.42.42
Norton ConnectSafe199.85.126.10199.85.127.10
OpenDNS Home208.67.222.222208.67.220.220

Note: Primary DNS server is also called Preferred DNS server, and secondary DNS server is called Alternative or alternate DNS server in Windows. Similiar terminology works in Linux and MAC.

Best DNS servers.

Google DNS: When you use Google’s sites like Youtube, Webmaster and analytics daily you should stick with the Google DNS, it’s free and install on your computer is easy.

Cloudflare DNS: report suggests that Cloudflare DNS works fast compared to other free and public DNS server.

How to change DNS Server In Windows 10.

So now you know what is the free and public DNS, it’s time to install in on your computer. This is a guide to install free DNS server on your Windows 10 operating system, in case if you use other operating systems the same terminology should exist there too.

GuideHow to use Google DNS or OpenDNS for faster web browsing

Step1. First, you need to right click on the network button and then select open Network and internet settings.

free dns servers

Step 2. It will open the windows settings and from there click on the change adapter settings.

Step 3. Opened windows should contain all the network connections you use to connect to the internet. Select the network connection of which you want to change DNS servers. Right-click on that network connection and select properties

public dns servers

Step 4. When the properties page loads find internet protocol version 4 and double click on it to open its properties page, from here opt for the “use the following DNS server addresses” option and type your preferred DNS server address in the field. (check DNS server address list above)

Step 5. When you’re done click on the ok button and if necessary disconnect your network and connect it again to take immediate effect.

Make domain resolving fast with Free DNS servers.

Alright, you know the best DNS servers and how to install them on your computer. It’s time you implement them. For starters, you can use either Google DNS and Cloudflare DNS or any other from the list above to see which DNS server suits your needs. In fact, you could not tell unless you keep eyes on the time your browser takes to resolve domain names. For accurate testing use sites like and see the ping you get, then change to another DNS and test again. Ping does really matter in several fields, such as Game like PlayerUnkown battleground where Ping matters the most.

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