10 best android emulators for PC

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi there, for those interested in LeapDroid.
    You can still find the last released version here

  2. VAKIS RODIOS says:

    try PHOENIX OS

  3. DarkVader says:

    Just so everyone knows REMIX OS x86 has discontinued development for the x86 (PC). Phoenix os is now developing Nougat (Android 7.1) and updates are regular. Phoenix os has higher compatibility and is fast STOMPING OUT REMIX OS. There is another project in the works Openthos which may surprise everyone when it becomes fully functional.

  4. DarkVader says:

    I would also like to let everyone know the most stable and HIGHEST compatibility EMULATOR for PC/MAC is (KOPLAYER). I test every android x86 release and this is the best by FAR!!!

  5. Rider_Adi says:

    Well, none of them were lightweight!

  6. ashutoish says:

    does i run windows apps on remix os

    1. Devendra says:

      You can run Windows apps insider remix OS, however if you use remix OS player you can run Windows apps in background but not inside the emulate environment.

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