How to Choose the Right User-Generated Content Moderation Service?

Content is the king in the market!

There are two types of content, one which the business itself generates and the other which is generated by the users.

However, moderation is required for both types of content. While business has complete control on the content which they generate, moderation becomes challenging when it is user-generated content.

Users have the complete freedom to express their views and opinions. They use different channels like Facebook. YouTube, Twitter, and business websites to generate content.

It can be in the form of blogs, posts, videos, vlogs, tweets, images, hashtags, etc. Many businesses hire influencers to promote their business with the help of user-generated content.

But it is very important to screen the content. It should be suitable for the business and within the guidelines. In order to moderate the content, many businesses use UGC content moderation services.

It helps them to check and monitor all the online content which the user generates. You can approach any UGC moderation company to outsource this service.

How to Choose the Right UGC Content Moderation Company?

When it comes to outsourcing moderation services, you need to take all these factors into consideration. It will help you to choose the best service.

  • Real-Time Monitoring: 

You need to choose a content moderation company that helps in real-time monitoring. There are millions of users who generate multiple contents on a daily basis. Every second, users generate new content in different forms like reviews, posts, testimonials, etc. You have to track all the content in real-time, as even a minute of delay can cause major harm to your business. So, it is best to choose a company that provides real-time monitoring services.

  • Hybrid Content Moderation:

Moderation can be done by humans as well as by AI-powered tools. Both the techniques have their own advantages and disadvantages. In some cases, AI-moderation is more effective, and in other cases, human moderation. However, you can also opt for hybrid content moderation. It is a blend of human and AI moderation. It is more effective than the other two techniques. So, you need to go with a company that offers a hybrid content moderation service.

  • Smart Content Reviewing:

When it comes to content moderation, there are many things you need to monitor. It can be very time-consuming. Because of this reason, you need to choose a company that provides smart content moderation. They prevent inappropriate content by authentication user profiles. It helps them to eliminate fake accounts, thereby solving most of the problems. 

  • Knowledge about Online Community:

The company you choose should have appropriate knowledge and experience in the field of content moderation. They should be well-versed with the online community. It will help them to effectively handle content on different platforms in different languages.

  • Data Privacy and Online Protection:

If you are outsourcing content moderation services, there is a great risk of online security and data privacy. So, you need to go with a company that uses effective policies to protect data and online security. 

  • Detailed Reports:

Make sure the company you choose provides detailed reports about user activity. It will help you to get insights into user behavior, preferences, views, and opinions.

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