How to Forcefully Restart Non Removable Battery Mobile Phone

Restart a Non-Removable Battery

Today are more each and every person out there uses a smartphone; it can be Android or iOS. Sometimes is there is something wrong with our phones the dirty trick we do we do is to restart it by pulling the battery out and inserting it again. It does restart the operating system in my case it is Android. Besides it can be a Windows phone, Android phone, iOS sometimes BlackBerry. It works like a charm because all your applications almost entire operating system does reboot itself.

Many times your phone goes into a state when it is not responding to touch or any physical buttons. In that case, the only one option is to remove the phone’s battery and plug again to do a force restart.

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Nowadays performance is increasing, and the thickness is decreasing in phones. And as a result, we can see smartphones with nonremovable battery these days. Hopefully, you can buy a phone with nonremovable battery if you are obsessed with the slimness term.

In this post you will find a hidden secret trick to restart a smartphone forcefully when it is not responding.  A phone can be hung when doing multitasking and phone RAM is being full. When a phone has a removable battery one can simply plug out the battery and make the phone restart forcefully. But what if your phone has a nonremovable battery situation, here is how to restart a nonremovable battery smartphone.

So whenever A phone hangs and not responding use this step to restart it forcefully.

  • When your smartphone is hanged, press the power button continuously for almost 30 seconds. Obviously, this varies phone to phone, in some case press power button + volume up or down button simultaneously.

In some phones, phone will reboot by pressing Power Up + Volume Up button simultaneously.
How to Forcefully Restart a Hanged Mobile Phone With Non-Removable Battery

The phone should be restarted and will respond to touches and work fine as it was working. This is because we cannot take out the battery to restart the phone. You cannot leave your phone until phones battery drains zero, yeah that sucks.

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