How to Prioritize Apps to get Updated on iOS 10

Sometimes it appears nice to update all your apps on your device IOS 10 device, Is fine if you are on your WiFi network, and you do not have to do anything with any app you are updating.

Prioritize Apps to get Updated on iOS 10

Suppose spontaneously you will need to access one of the apps that are updating? How you will survive this, or you simply wait to let all the apps updated, It may take longer than usual time if you are on a slow Internet. The new iOS 10 has a pretty useful-nit-feature that can prioritize an app to get updated before other apps. This way you are marking an app’s update important and doing his will get the app jumps to the front of the line.

If you previously opted for automatically updates on your iOS 10 device, luckily you do not have many apps updating it once. However, no one can be confident. You may want to update a bunch of applications to the newer version.

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How to Choose Which Apps Update First in iOS 10

To use this feature your iOS device must be compatible with 3D touch, here is how to set an app to get updated first. To prioritize an app press hardly on its icon and choose Prioritize Download from its context menu.

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You can also do this using this little trick, suppose your phone is updating 5 apps at once, now choose any 4 apps, hard press on them and choose “pause download” and the 5th app will be only to use the full bandwidth of internet connection.

Also if you see an app is updating itself and you wish to stay at their current version, hard press and choose “cancel download” from the context menu. This is very useful to save your bandwidth to apps like Facebook, Brain Wars that often update in a week.

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