View Full Size Instagram Profile Picture of Anyone Image (Android & PC)

Did you found someone on Instagram but aren’t sure because the face in profile image is small to recognize! Happens a lot of time, people are always fancy when it comes to profile image. Furthermore, many users on Instagram (expect celebs and troll profiles) opt-for hidden profile, so unless ofcourse you’re following them (which you don’t) you won’t be able to see their posts resulting you biting fingernails and murmuring “isn’t is she who sat in the park and introduced me to her dog?”

Again, the profile picture is too small to help recognize someone for sure, forgot about sending a direct message out-of-nowhere (you might get blocked). So how to see an instagram users Profile image in full-size? Here are the easy steps you should follow in order to open someone’s (anyone, no matter a hidden profile or open) Profile picture in full size, rather that (150px or 350px).


How to See Full-Size Profile Picture of Anyone on Instagram?

On a Mobile device (Android/iOS)

People normally use mobile devices to access Instagram and post images with their cat (no offense to whom posts with dog or rabbit), here is how to open any Instagram users profile in Full size.

Step 1. Open in Mobile Browser

Login to Instagram and visit the user profile in your Mobile browser like Google Chrome. (Logging to your account isn’t required, you can directly open that user’s ID in the address bar).

Step 2. Press-hold open profile image in new tab

Tap on the User’s profile (round image) hold it, then tap on the open image in new tab. (Don’t download the picture now as it will be saved in less resolution (150–350px).

Step 3. Remove the size string

Tap on the address bar, and look for a size string normally it’s 320x320px, simply select and delete it, after that tap on the “enter” key, the profile image will now open in full size.

Step 4. Save/Download it.

Tap on that image and hold then select download image, a copy of the image will be saved in your device’s storage (mostly under the downloads folder).

Using Android App

View full size Profile Picture of any use on Instagram.

From the crowd, I found this app named “Qeek” which is ad-free app that simply let you type any instagram username and fetch the full-size image of any Instagram user regardless you following that user or a private account. However it doesn’t let you download or save profile image, obviously, it is a bad manner to have someone image without their permission.

On A Computer

View Full Size Instagram Profile Picture on a computer browser.

(Screenshots shows the guide using Chrome, but will work same with another browser)

Open on your computer, now log in with Instagram credential (optional) and navigate to the profile which profile picture you want to see in full-size.

Find the size string, normally 150×150, remove it and press enter to result the profile picture in full resolution.

Now you can clearly see who’s in the profile image, is it someone you know? or her with the dog is not the one you were looking, tell me in comments.

Now you: As long as you use this method to only recognize users on INstagram you might know is just fine, Downloading users profile picture and using it for mean purpose is bad, if reported the culprit’s account can be deleted.


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