Inter Miami is a super team that remains a rather weak opponent

bookmaker Mostbet UZ online puts Inter Miami as one of the favorites of the tournament, and this is logical. However, is everything as clear as it seems at first glance? Let’s figure it out.

The success of the team winning the League Cup in 2023 under Tata Martino is truly inspiring. They show the potential to become one of the league’s top teams in 2024, possibly aiming for a double or treble. But despite the possibility of a successful year, they must reckon with various challenges. Attackers usually like to attack and rarely want to take part in defense. It is clear that when Messi and his colleagues arrived in Miami, the team had to adapt to the new situation. They try not to be weak on defense. Even super teams do everything they can to keep the ball and avoid defending in their own half. This way, their stars have more opportunities to show off their talent. However, even the best teams in the world cannot control the ball completely in every match.

Clubs like PSG and Real Madrid, which have plenty of talented strikers, usually also have talented defenders. During his career at Barcelona and PSG, Messi played alongside some of the best defenders in history. He, like the other outstanding strikers at Inter Miami, do not have the same luxury of support in MLS. League rules limit roster spending in an effort to competitively balance teams. This limits the ability of teams, including Miami, to build a defense, especially with Messi, Suarez and others in the lineup. These financial resource constraints impact a team’s ability to select and pay defensive players.

MLS data shows that the team had trouble conceding goals last year, especially in the latter stages of the season. This suggests that Inter Miami had difficulty defending and maintaining the score. It is obvious that Messi and Suarez, despite their outstanding playing skills, are not strong defensive players. In addition, Suarez’s age (37 at the start of the new season) raises concerns about his ability to effectively support the defense. This situation can lead to the opposing team being able to break through the defensive line, overloading the remaining defenders and creating dangerous chances in front of goal. These defensive issues could pose a major challenge for Inter Miami in 2024, just as they did the previous season.

Inter Miami appears to be facing some serious challenges in 2024. The team has problems both in attack and defense. Despite the talent available, the team’s composition raises some concerns, especially on defense. The key issue is the balance between experience and youth in the squad. Older players, although experienced, may have difficulty maintaining a high pace in matches. At the same time, young players may not have the experience to handle the pressure of tough matches. The team will have to face a lot of matches, including international tournaments, where they will have to play without some key players. This could seriously impact their performance during the MLS regular season and in tournaments. While Inter Miami has the potential to challenge for top spots and trophies, issues with defense and player availability could be a roadblock to success. Careful squad management and tactical adjustments are required to compensate for weaknesses and realize your potential on the pitch.

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