Is Bundling Internet and Streaming Services Worth It 2022

The question of whether or not you should bundle your streaming and internet service cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. Whether or not you should switch from your current provider relies largely on your location’s pricing and your streaming habits. If you like streaming a wide range of on-demand content all week long, bundling would be a great idea. However, if you only need the internet but are tempted to bundle because it’s a great ‘deal’, then you might get yourself in trouble. 

Let’s go over the details of bundling internet and streaming services, including their benefits and implications, and determine if it’s worth it for you or not. 

Factors to Consider in Bundling Internet and Streaming Services

It can be difficult to decide whether to bundle or not, but here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help you make a decision.

  • What type of content do you watch?

Knowing the type of content you watch will help you determine the bundled service you’ll opt for.  For example, if you’ve recently cut the cord due to financial constraints but enjoy watching live TV channels with a mix of on-demand content, you can opt for the streaming + internet bundle of Planet Dish. On the other hand, watching live sports and news serves you better, Sling TV’s streaming and internet bundle might be best for you.

Knowing what content you prefer is essential to make the most out of your bundled services. If not, you’ll just likely waste your money on something you don’t really like and enjoy. 

  • Is your internet fast?

Fast internet is crucial when streaming. If you are to bundle your internet plan and streaming service, it’s essential for you to opt for high-speed and high or unlimited data for you to maximize your streaming experience.

  • Are there great deals in your area?

Deals vary between locations, and most of the time, some areas have better deals than others. It’s wise to research and compare to see if your area has great deals before bundling. 

  • How much is your budget?

Considering your budget is also important because, with bundling, you still pay for more. Yes, you save money by getting two services at a cheaper price, but you still pay for more instead of paying for just one service. Make sure you can sustain the monthly fee of your chosen bundle.

  • Are you willing to go into a long-term contract?

Long-term contracts are common with bundled services. Some people aren’t comfortable committing to 24-month contracts or more, so they look for providers who offer no-contract bundled services. If you don’t mind the terms, then finding a good bundle deal won’t be a problem for you.

Benefits of Bundling Internet and Streaming Services

There are several benefits you can enjoy with bundling your services in general. Here are some reasons that make bundling definitely worth it.

  1. It is cheaper.

Providers offer bundled services to provide a better deal for two services combined. If an internet plan and streaming service are essential in your household, then bundling them can help you save a lot of money in the long run. 

  1. It is easier and more convenient.

Paying for two bills instead of one can significantly save you time and makes it easier for you. Moreover, if you decide to cancel the bundled service, you only have to deal with a single company to process the cancellation instead of two. We all know how bad customer service can be in telecommunications companies, so a bundled service gives you an opportunity to only experience it once.

  1. It gives you access to exclusive promotions, deals, and discounts.

Of course, you’re paying more than single-service customers. Your service provider rewards you for this by giving you access to exclusive promos, like rebates, gift cards, and waived fees. You can ask about it the customer representative if you ever decide to bundle your services.

So, Is Bundling Still Worth It this 2022?

There’s no straight answer to this, as it depends on several factors. But, if you can make the most out of your internet and streaming service, then we say it’s definitely a good choice. Paying only for what you use and consume is always worth it. 

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