Open Source Finance & Business Software 2021

Find out which open source finance and business software might be best suited to your needs in 2021. Fulfil your online aspirations today!

Open source finance & business software you need to try 2021

Where would we be without open-source software? Google’s Play Store is able to offer users thousands of apps because of the open-source nature of Google’s Android. Open source implies an openly distributed program code that can be used and modified by the end-user with little to no restriction. If that seems a tad complicated, then the best analogy to turn to would be that of a recipe. Think of any recipe that you can find online as an open-source of information. You or any member of the public can download this recipe and even make changes to it.  If the recipe wasn’t open source, then you would need to pay for it. Think of KFC and Coca-Cola, these are guarded recipes. You’re not allowed to see them nor modify them. Analogies aside, open-source software has been a major game-changer, allowing for developers from all walks of life to utilize software and create all manner of apps and websites. An industry that’s really benefited from open source software is none other than the finance and business industry. With all this in mind, let us now take a closer look at open source finance software products to be aware of in 2021. 

Apache OFBiz

Developed by Apache Foundation, OFBiz is a multi-faceted open source business package that runs off Java. It offers a slew of functionalities which includes CRM, supply chain, enterprise, accounting, and resource management.  The availability of online resources in terms of documentation and YouTube videos is extensive, thus allowing users to make the most of the software. This also means that OFBiz is ideal for users or organizations whose budgets are limited.


iDempiere is a community-backed project that comes with ERP, CRM and supply chain solutions.  It can accommodate all manner of applicable business essentials such as currencies, multiple languages, organizations, and accounting formats – thus making it an ideal fit for multinationals or bushiness with international dealings and various websites.  Actual features include accounting, marketing, materials management, sales, and procurement.  Finally, compatibility extends to Linux, OS X, and Windows


Trality is an open-source platform for anyone with an interest in automated bot software for trading shares and stocks. Trality enables users and/or traders to customize all applicable settings to make for what could be safer and more effective trading. With more than 80% of traders losing money because of emotional or other external reasons,  Trality allows for such factors to be excluded from the trading process. A free version of this open-source trading platform is also available. 


Ideal for anyone selling items online or in the business of dropshipping, OpenCart offers an easy-to-set-up shopping cart. This open-source business software is best suited to small and medium-sized operations. OpenCart will manage your orders while also catering to various payment options. Customers can also write reviews about the product, thus only helping owners to improve matters. Support is offered by way of the OpenCart community and the software can accommodate a number of locations.

Magento Community Edition

You can procure the paid version of Magento, known as the Enterprise edition. The Community Edition on the other hand is gratis. With the free version, a user can build their applicable website and then rope in the services of a development team to customize it. The Magento community is over 200 000 strong, so support is thereby the buckets, however, the Enterprise Edition is much better. 

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