Simple tips on writing and formatting your essay in Google Docs

Are you a student and have to write dozens of essays, especially during midterms? We know that feeling. With the hefty schedule and part-time work, it is impossible to have free time and spend it hanging out with friends or stay with family members. However, even though you can’t run from the assignments and need to pass all the courses, you still can handle it quickly by knowing what to do to write and format essays on Google Docs effectively. How? That is an excellent question. And we have an answer to it. Let’s discuss this topic in more detail. 

Can I Write And Format The Essay Real Quick?

This depends on what you mean by real quick. If you aspire to write a ten-page paper in several hours, then it is unachievable. But you can buy essays from experts and rest assured that your work will be done right on time. Many students do that daily because of various reasons. Some work night shifts and can’t deal with their projects. Others may have too much on their plates. Whatever the reason is, remember that there is always someone to help you with an urgent task.

Tips For Writing and Formatting Essays In Google Docs

The main benefit of Google Docs is that it is entirely free and web-based. You can access your documents at any place and time. The only thing you should have is a Google account. The app has lots of features, starting from automatic save and easy share with others and accessing your documents without having an Internet connection. 

Choose Your Template

The most common way of writing an essay is by firing up a blank document. Indeed, it is effortless and doesn’t take lots of time. You just launch Chrome, select apps, and choose the Docs icon. But have you ever paid attention to how much time you spend formatting the paper and trying to adjust it to the right style? The latter process may be even more time-consuming than writing the essay itself! Google Docs offers an extensive library of free templates you can use. Whatever you need to write—be it a brochure, a letter, or resume—you will find these templates right there. 

Since the formatting styles update frequently, universities have to obey the rules. It can be easy for professors to adjust to the new rules of academic writing. It is hard to say so when it comes to students. Google Docs has taken care of the latter category. That is why you can find updated MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard templates in the app. All you have to do is go to Files and choose New. Then pick From Template. You will see the gallery with different templates. Choose the one you have to follow. 

Utilize Keyboard Shortcuts

Let’s be honest. Everyone wants to type fast and be able to write essays promptly. This goal is highly attainable with shortcuts. Sadly, shortcuts are scarcely used by students. But they may significantly reduce your time writing the paper. By employing shortcuts, you don’t have to change your hand position. Doing that will decrease your productivity. If you start using a mouse or a trackpad, you will lose your concentration, and it will take time to retain the initial workflow.

The most standard shortcuts are copy and paste. Every person uses it. But the concept and potential of keyboard shortcuts go way beyond these two commands. For instance, with keyboard shortcuts, you can instantly create a new document and make it a draft, or you can create a comment, which is a must when doing a group project. You can also open a dictionary and increase or decrease the font size. These are excellent shortcuts to simplify your writing process:

  • Ctrl + Alt + m: Add comment 
  • Ctrl + Shift + ,: Decrease Font
  • Ctrl + Shift + .: Increase Font
  • Ctrl + Shift + y: Run Dictionary

Keyboard shortcuts may vary depending on your operating system, so it is best to learn more about them. Notwithstanding, they are super useful when composing essays and working with documents. 

Besides, you can even create your commands by going to Tools, Preferences, Automatic Substitution. You will see a list full of default shortcuts with an option to add custom commands. And of course, you are not limited by characters only. You can add symbols and numbers. 

Use Voice Instead of Hands

Oddly enough, but you will get enamored of this feature. Voice recognition has developed dramatically in recent years, and Natural Language Processing works impressively. You may be tired of typing, especially within the pandemic and remote learning. Anyway, if, for any reason, you wish to speak rather than write, go to Tools and Voice typing. Click the microphone icon and simply start speaking. 

Remember that in case you want to insert a comma, semicolon, exclamation mark, or dash, you will have to say it. The input will process your words and provide you with the right punctuation mark. The same goes for a new paragraph.

Clear Old Formatting

Every essay should have credible sources to support the writer’s points. Some of such materials appear in the text as a direct quotation. Indeed, when a quotation is large, we prefer to copy and paste it on the paper. But seeing that this block of text becomes completely different is a real pain in the neck. We usually change it manually, which takes lots of time. However, the solution to this problem is a simple step to Format and Clear Formatting. You can also highlight the text and press Ctrl + \. 

Outline The Doc

You can quickly navigate the document by creating an outline in the left area of your Doc. The only thing you should have is headers. When you have them, simply press Ctrl + Alt + H, and the outline will automatically appear. You can click on any of those headers and jump directly to them. 

Make The Document Available Offline

Now you don’t have to rely on the Internet to finish your document. Google Docs allows you to work anywhere you desire. If you are on the go and can’t postpone your work, click File and select Make available offline. 

If you are a Windows or Mac user, make sure to save your file once you finish writing. The moment you connect to the Internet will synchronize your document. This action doesn’t relate to Chromebook users, as any file is automatically saved, regardless of the connection. 

Wrapping Up

You can write an essay in Google Docs using blank documents and then editing them and adjusting to the formatting style. But this is a long-lasting process. There are many ways to accelerate your writing process and make your paper pertinent to any format in a timely manner. The mentioned list casts light on different Google Docs options, templates, and keyboard shortcuts every individual ought to use to boost productivity and efficiency. 

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