The Best Guideline for Parents on Children’s Online Safety 2020

Smartphones can be very addictive, especially for kids that aren’t aware of all the bad things the world has installed. Most parents prefer to provide smartphones to their kids early, essentially for communication and other productive things.

However, smartphones also grant them access to the internet. While the internet is full of various useful information, it can be quite harmful to kids when unregulated. A responsible parent will try their best to do anything if their loved one’s safety and security are threatened. 

In this guide, we’ll look at a tool that you can use to safeguard your children’s online safety.

Part 1: How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online in 2020

Keeping your kids off the internet is a challenge for many parents. Now with COVID-19 safety regulations, it’s almost impossible. Between proposed online learning and live video play date, chances are your family are spending a lot more time online.

Online tools allow you to monitor your kids’ internet use and help you protect them from online predators. Here we are going to focus on FoneMonitor, the best app in the market. 

1.1 FoneMonitor: The Ultimate Solution for Online Safety 

As far as monitoring apps are concerned, FoneMonitor is the leading choice. It’s more than any other app. You can use it to monitor a child’s whereabouts on the internet and see different phone activities. app offers a massive range of features that deliver real-time and accurate data to your dashboard. As the industry leader, FoneMonitor has enjoyed recognition from tech communities, including TechRadar, iGeeksBlog, CNET, 9to5Mac, etc.

Because of its bleeding-edge technology, millions of users, especially parents throughout the world, praise its unmatched capabilities.

  1. How FoneMonitor Works

FoneMonitor app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. For it to work, you need to register for FoneMonitor online account and have an active internet connection.

If your kids use an iPhone, all you need to do is verify their iCloud credentials. No jailbreak, download, or installation is required. The setup process is remote and without physical access to the device.

Like any other monitoring app, the FoneMonitor app for Android requires installation. It takes less than 5 minutes for a complete installation, after which activate stealth mode for discreet surveillance. 

All the configuration is made possible without rooting, leaving your kid’s phone security uncompromised. It’s safe, meaning quit worrying about the app transferring virus or malware to the target device. To get started with FoneMonitor, follow this guide attentively.

Part 2: What Can FoneMonitor Offer for Kids’ Online Safety 

This excellent app has a user satisfaction rating of over 96% due to its world-class features. The app adequately allows you to monitor your kids’ phones to keep them safe online.

Control Search Engine

Since the internet is full of inappropriate kid content, it’s crucial to determine which websites your child is visiting. Ensure that they’re surfing the internet to gain the right knowledge using FoneMonitor.

With just a single click on the “Browser History” section, you can see the site’s URLs, time, date, and frequency. Besides, you can choose to block specific inappropriate websites.

Monitor Social Media Apps

Social networking is a huge distraction for kids nowadays. Using FoneMonitor, you can see everything your child does on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram. You can check chat history, private messages, posts, and shared files. 

This way, you’ll know if they’re the victims of cyberbullying or online abuse and take the necessary steps.

Check Installed Apps

FoneMonitor allows you to check all downloaded apps on your kid’s phone. You can restrict a particular app from being downloaded or even block them for good for more control. Blocking social apps or game apps might increase the productivity of the child.

Read Messages

The app allows you to view messages on your child’s device, including the deleted ones. Each message has a contact number and the name of the sender/ receiver. This way, you’ll be able to know whom they talk to and the context. 

View Photos/Videos

All available photos and videos on the kid device are sorted by time on the gallery. You can access them remotely and even download them effortlessly.

These are just some of the features. You can gain more control using other FoneMonitor features such as geofencing, Location tracking, keylogger, phone calls monitor, etc.

Part 3: Easy Steps to Configure FoneMonitor 

Step 1: Visit the FoneMonitor website and sign up for an account and get a subscription plan that works for you.

Step 2:  Follow the instructions on the screen wizard and select the kid’s device OS.

Step 3: a.) For Android phones, download the 2MB app using the link provided. Allow all necessary permission and activate stealth mode. For iOS, verify the iCloud login details, and you are set.

Step 4: Hit “start” and let FoneMonitor synchronize your child’s data for a few minutes.

Step 5: Now log in remotely to your control panel to monitor your kid’s online activities. Here on the dashboard, you can navigate through different features. 4: Advantages of Using FoneMonitor

Zero Device Alteration: You don’t require prior jailbreaking or rooting of your child’s device, which will otherwise tamper with the phone security and voids its warranty.

Safe & Secure: FoneMonitor is safe from any form of viruses or malware.

Data Privacy: The app ensures you/child data is secured. It doesn’t store data on the servers; instead, everything syncs automatically and in real-time.

Intuitive Interface: One of the best FoneMonitor features. The online dashboard is quite user-friendly for anyone to use. It can also open up in any web browser, anywhere.

Easy Setup: You don’t have to be a tech guru to set up FoneMonitor. As shown above, all the steps are simple and straightforward. 

Reliability: It’s evident that you’ll keep on renewing the subscription to enjoy its services once you use the app. No doubt, it’s the most voted reliable parental control app.

100% Discreet: FoneMonitor operates in stealth mode both in iOS and Android using its cutting-edge technology. 

Affordability: You can get to enjoy more of the 35 features using FoneMonitor at an affordable package without hidden charges.

Wrap Up

We’ve discussed how you can keep your child safe online using the FoneMonitor app. With all those powerful features, usability, and easy integration, I would encourage every parent to use FoneMonitor. Other than affordability, its advantages give you the value of your money.

More important than using parents’ control apps is teaching your kids safe and responsible online behavior.

Meta: Check out the best guideline for parents on children online safety 2020 with FoneMonitor. It works remotely without jailbreaking or rooting. You get live updates as they come.

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