Top 5 Effective Keyloggers for Android in 2020

An Android keylogger is useful for capturing all the keystrokes made on the target device. The most effective keyloggers come as part of a spy app with a keylogger feature. With this feature, the app can record every keystroke. 

So, the best way to record keystrokes on any Android device, you need a spy app with a keylogger feature. These apps let you figure out even passwords typed on the target Android device. 

The best apps are easy to use, simple to install, and undetectable. Most of the effective Android keyloggers work online allowing users to record keystrokes remotely. Here are the top 5 effective keyloggers for Android. 

#1 Neatspy – The most trusted Android keylogger app 

Neatspy is our favorite choice for an Android keylogger. With Neatspy, you get a comprehensive Android spy app besides providing a keylogger feature. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. 

With Neatspy, you get a handy keylogger for Android with multiple other surveillance features. Millions of users across the world trust and use Neatspy for its keylogger feature among others. 

Its capabilities have gained the attention of media outlets like CNET. Neatspy is a web-based Android keylogger that operates in stealth to avoid detection. Also, Neatspy doesn’t require rooting Android devices to start spying on the keystrokes. 

Unique Neatspy features 

Besides its keylogger feature, Neatspy provides multiple features. Here are some of them: 

1. Keylogger feature

Neatspy can record all the keystrokes made on the target Android device including online credentials. It can capture usernames and passwords used on any Android device. To make it easy to find the keystrokes, Neatspy groups them based on app.  

2. Location surveillance 

With Neatspy you can spy on the whereabouts of the target Android device. It allows you to access details such as location history including GPS coordinates. Also, it will let you know the street address and even give you Google StreetView. 

What’s more, you get a geofence feature that sends notifications when the device crosses a set boundary. 

3. Social media surveillance 

Neatspy can spy on the popular social media apps. With Neatspy, users can spy on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and WeChat among others. The app provides access to chats and posts on these platforms. 

Best of all, it ensures you can access even deleted messages on the target device. To accomplish this, Neatspy automatically backs up all the chats on its server to ensure you don’t miss a thing. 

4. Spy on calls on contacts 

Neatspy can spy on call logs on the target Android phone or tablet. The app lets you know who the user has been in contact with. It will even show you when the call was made and the duration of the conversation. 

#2 ClickFree

Another effective Android keylogger for Android is ClickFree. The app includes a keylogger feature that makes it easy to spy on all keystrokes made on an Android device. ClickFree is also a web-based spy app. 

It allows users to remotely access recorded keystrokes on the target Android device. The app works in stealth by ensuring it disguises itself in installed apps. Also, ClickFree deletes its icon after installation. 

With ClickFree, users get an all-round spy app that can accomplish more than record keystrokes. It comes with over 30 Android surveillance features. 

#3 Spyic 

Spyic is another remarkable Android keylogger. It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The app besides providing an android keylogger feature, Spyic comes with additional features. 

It provides access to the record keystrokes via its online dashboard. You only need to log in to start spying on all activities taking place on the target device. The app spy on the Android device location and social media apps among others. 

Best of all, after installation, Spyic automatically deletes its icon and disguises itself. This makes it hard for the device user to notice your surveillance activities. 

#4 Minspy 

This is among the latest Android spy apps that come with a keylogger feature. Minspy supports both iOS and Android devices. With Minspy, you get an internationally acclaimed app that is trusted in over 190 countries. 

The Android keylogger feature records everything from the target Android device. Minspy is a comprehensive spy app that comes with multiple surveillance features. It lets users spy on virtually anything on the target Android device. 

With Minspy, users get a safe app that ensures everything takes place in stealth. It even allows users to uninstall the app on the target Android device remotely in just one click. 

#5 Spyine

Among the best Android keyloggers, Spyine is at the top for its features and capabilities. The app works on iOS and Android devices. Besides, it provides more than just spying on all keystrokes made on the target device.

The app can spy on installed apps. For instance, with Spyine, you can spy on popular social media apps on the target device. What’s more, you won’t have to root the target Android device to accomplish this. 

Also, its Android surveillance activities take place discreetly without arousing suspicion from the device user. To accomplish this, Spyine uses very little system resources to avoid interfering with phone performance. 


The most effective way of recording keystrokes on the target Android device is through a keylogger app. These apps provide more than just capturing all keystrokes made on the target device. 

We have shown you the 5 effective keyloggers for Android. We recommend Neatspy, but you won’t go wrong with any of the apps highlighted.

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