6 Mobile Browsers Alternative to UC Browser and Mini

There are many people who have been using UC Browser for a long time. In many ways UC browser is bloated with tons of apps and website shortcut, bundled UC news with no option to turn off.

A user asked us.

UC Browser offers so many functions and tons of customization options along with some bloatware in form of website and application shortcuts. And the UC news that I personally do not like because there is such no option to turn that thing off, I literally had to disable app notification to hide consistent notifications.

One more thing we are missing is the charging screen and Facebook notification which is enabled by default so it may be annoying things for a lot of users. In past UCBrowser was removed from the Google Play Store due to some play store policy violation.

If not mistaken the best feature UC mini offer is accelerated mobile pages where it cuts the page load time and serves them faster. This is useful for people living in an area where internet connectivity is poor. As far as we know no other browser offers such service (Google Chrome offers a similar service but that reduce load time serving compressed images).

Some annoying things about UC Browser.

  • Forced newsfeed and notifications.
  • Smart charge screen & FB notifications are enabled by default or button are on the way to manipulate user to accidentally enable them.
  • User data is sent to some Chinese servers and due to this, it took off from the play store, while the Mini version is still in play store.

A glance of the mobile browser altertive to UC browser.

Google Chrome — Focused on stability, non-helter-skelter design, incognito mode, data saver mode, offline page save.

With over 1 million downloads Google Chrome is the top browsers available on the PlayStore. Google Chrome is one of the applications that comes pre-installed on your Android device but in case you are using a custom Android ROM you can get the Google Chrome application from the Play Store. It allows users to go Incognito mode so that your history will get the reason when you get out from the mode. Also when you are in incognito mode you can quickly close all the Incognito tabs from the notification bar with a single tap. If you use Chrome Browser on your PC, using this mobile browser makes easier to use all of saved password on your mobile. Apart from showing history the recently closed page also display opened tabs from other devices. You can easily open up a web link that you previously browsing on your computer. If you choose to sign in with a Google account (which you should) all your data including password, settings and history syncs to your Google Account, which makes it easier to sync your browser data to another device you use. Suppose you buy a new phone all you have to do is install the Chrome Browser and login with Google account it will instantly reach all the saved password, history, getting so it will be like you never left your Chrome browser. You’re not going to save all the passwords one by one.

Mozilla Firefox  — Lightweight, trackers blocking, incognito mode. Firefox


Opera Touch — Opera touch is mainly yo use with single hand (you can use both if you want to) with a integrated tool called Flow to sent article link and notes to your computer.

Opera — Opera is a great browser and the team continues to try new concepts and apps.

Cake browser —  It works with a brand new concept, when you search something it will display the result links in vertical tabs; something identical to Google AMP news lauout, where you click on a AMP news and slide to read the next article.

Puffin — Puffin provide their server to boost your browsing speed. It also hosts many privacy focused features and extra functionalities to emulate mouse pointer.


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