Used and high-performance Ophthalmic Equipment for your Medical Business

Present health care, especially eye care, is much dependent on using a methodological instrument and equipment. Many of a quality instrument and equipment are made or created in the developed countries, even with careful and normal use are focus to tear and wear. This is used ophthalmic equipment but it doesn’t mean that it’s not already functioning well. It is vital to take good care of this equipment and gives them preventive maintenance for them to work well.

Ophthalmic Equipment Description and Features

ALCON INFINITI Phacoemulsifier

Phaco device is one of the unique Ozil Torsional Handpiece that features the side to side wavering ultrasonic movements. The outcome is the wide variety of unique benefits during a phacoemulsification process.

Alcon Infiniti Phacoemulsifier has a capability to reduce the repulsion improves the thermal security profile, improves the followability improves fluidic movements of the fragment through and to the tip, keeps your eye in a natural state, designed to satisfy the need of patients, provides, improved chamber control and stability and staff friendly console.


  • 34 kHz Phacoemulsification frequency
  • 2500 cuts/min Vitrectomy Speed
  • LCD Display
  • 100 to 120 VAC Power Supply Energy
  • 2.06 Software Version
  • 6 Amperage
  • 330 lbs. (packed) / 235 lbs. (unpacked) weight
  • ESSILOR Kappa CTD Patternless Edger

TOPCON TRC-50DX Fundus Camera

Topcon TRC-50DX Fundus Camera equipment is a gold standard in the retinal imaging. TRC-50DX have digital-ready capability than other fundus cameras in the marketplace and it represents the best sophisticated and wide-ranging retinal capturing devices that are available today.

This equipment has a new advanced control panel, fortified with touch-screen, letting for the easy and quick alteration of the settings, while a Small Aperture task facilities enhance and focusing the sharpness. Additional enhancing its flexibility, Type IA may perform an Auto Fluorescence study increasing its diagnostic aptitude and its application availability. The adaptable filter device lets a user exchange or adds filters for its different research projects or procedures. 

  • Topcon TRC-50DX Fundus Camera Specifications:
    Color fundus, and fluorescein, red-free (Autofluorescence and ICG filters also available on Topcon TRC-50DX models)
  • It can support the range of a photo device, from a film to the fantastic high resolutions CCD cameras
  • Effective and efficient to use touch-screen device panel
  • 50º, 20º, and  35º angles coverage
  • aperture adjustment and Small pupil modes
  • 21 levels of flash intensity
  • Comfortable backlit section for use on the darkened environments
  • It connects with the IMAGEnet Ordinal Imaging System of Topcon

Bausch & Lomb Technolas 217z 100 Hz Excimer Laser System 

it is the world’s primary wavefront-guided laser to personalized the vision correction, allow the surgeons at United States (US) to cure myopia about -7.00 Diopter and astigmatism around -3.00 Diopter. It also combines 1mm and 2mm shortened Gaussian beam, using active eye tracker for a fast medication time and stromal bed. 

Features & Benefits of B & L Technolas 217z Excimer Laser
For Fast curing times and smooth corneal surfaces
• Quality controller during the procedure
• Maximum the instrument flexibility and control for surgeons 
• Efficient and effective data transfer 

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