70 Best Useless Websites You should visit to Waste time

Why Only look for top 10 most useless websites? When we can suggest you 100. These websites are useless but funny. Also, help us to figure out which one are completely useless websites. If you are searched ‘useless websites‘ or ‘the most useless websites‘, you are at right place. We spend hours to put together this list of almost hundred interesting, worthless websites, click on the link to visit a site. We added 10 most worthless on each of the pages, So let’s see what are the first 10 useless sites on the internet.

Most Useless Websites List

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  1. http://eelslap.com/
    I love it, there maybe no another websites like eelslap, because this is the only one of its kind.
    more websites like eelslap
  2. http://heeeeeeeey.com/
    The Loop can destroy your house or kill your little kitten.
  3. http://thatsthefinger.com/
    This one has nothing much to do, then joggle fingers on this useless website.
  4. http://www.staggeringbeauty.com/
    look out for the Flash, another mentioned useless site on the internet.
  5. http://burymewithmymoney.com/
  6. http://www.fallingfalling.com/
    One After One.
  7. http://just-shower-thoughts.tumblr.com/
    Mind blowing, creepy quotes.
  8. http://cant-not-tweet-this.com/
    This actually tweets.Here are some more useless websites.
  9. http://www.trypap.com/
  10. http://www.movenowthinklater.com/
  11. http://www.partridgegetslucky.com/Highly trending: All Funny Google Tricks & Tips You’ve Got to Try
  12. http://baconsizzling.com/
  13. http://beesbeesbees.com/
  14. http://cat-bounce.com/
  15. chrismckenzie.com
  16. corgiorgy.com
  17. corndogoncorndog.com
  18. http://dogs.are.the.most.moe/
  19. faceofdisapproval.com
  20. giantbatfarts.comAnother Trending: Top 30 Most Interesting, Weirdest And Funny Websites
  21. grandpanoclothes.com
  22. hardcoreprawnlawn.com
  23. hasthelargehadroncolliderdestroyedtheworldyet.com
  24. iamawesome.com
  25. ihasabucket.com
  26. iloveyoulikeafatladylovesapples.com
  27. imaninja.com
  28. intotime.com
  29. isitwhite.com
  30. leekspin.com
  31. illusion: This Optical Illusion Will MAJORLY Mess With Your Head
  32. minecraftstal.com
  33. ninjaflex.com
  34. oct82.com
  35. pixelsfighting.com
  36. r33b.net
  37. randomcolour.com
  38. salmonofcapistrano.com
  39. secretsfornicotine.com
  40. semanticresponsiveillustration.com
  41. tencents.info
  42. thefo.nz
  43. tomsdog.com
  44. unicodesnowmanforyou.com
  45. whitetrash.nl
  46. willthefuturebeaweso.me
  47. www.biglongnow.com
  48. www.electricboogiewoogie.com
  49. www.everydayim.com
  50. www.haneke.net
  51. www.ismycomputeron.com |
  52. www.koalastothemax.com
  53. www.leduchamp.com
  54. www.muchbetterthanthis.com
  55. www.nelson-haha.com
  56. www.nullingthevoid.comClick on the big size rocks, they go BOOM.
  57. www.omfgdogs.com
  58. www.ouaismaisbon.ch
  59. www.patience-is-a-virtue.org
  60. www.pleaselike.com
  61. www.pointerpointer.com
  62. www.ringingtelephone.com
  63. www.rrrgggbbb.com
  64. www.sadforjapan.com
  65. www_sanger_dk
  66. www_taghua_com
  67. www_theendofreason_com
  68. www_wutdafuk_com
  69. www_wwwdotcom_com
  70. zombo_com


So, you have enough useless websites to burn your time. Maybe it is good to waste your time, sometimes. Also, tell us what the most useless websites according to you

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