What Are Some Trendy Surnames That Start With G in the U.S?

Do you want to stay with the trend and give your newborn baby a trendy name? If yes, you will find some here. On this page, we will share the top 10 trendy surnames that start with G. The list includes every type of surname and focuses on the most popular ones. 

We have covered the meaning, origin, and ancestry of each of these surnames. They will help you know everything about the last names that we share here. 

Top 10 Most Popular Surnames Starting With G

To create this list, we followed the top 1000 popular names with G by CocoFinder. The list was created with the aim to provide better records of these surnames. Therefore, you can visit this website to check out the extended list.

  1. Garcia

Garcia is one of the most trending surnames that start with G. The reason is its Spanish and Portuguese origin that traces back to a personal name with the Latin word Garsea. The meaning of this name is ‘Descendants of Garcia itself. 

That is why most people use it as their surname in different countries. Even in the United States, there are 79,422 people using Garcia as their surname.  The name is more common in California where more than 21,066 people are recognized with this surname.

  1. Gonzalez

If you are looking for a trendy surname, Gonzalez is a good choice. It is Spanish and comes from a personal name Gonzalo. People believe that it has a Visigothic origin that has its meaning related to ‘battle’ or ‘war’. Therefore, the name signifies the brave warriors, and having such a surname is impressive. 

The trend of this name in the United States is clear with 64,638 people with the same surname. To make these numbers interesting, California is home to more than 15.5 thousand descendants of this ancestry.

  1. Green

You must have heard about different TV characters with Green as their surname. Even in real life, 53,607 share the ancestry with the same surname. The origin of this name is English and is used for a person who loves to wear Green color dresses. It is also a topographic name given to those who live near Green village.

The name is popular in almost every state of America. Therefore, you can consider it as a last name for your newborn baby. 

  1. Gray

Gray is another English-originated surname given to those with Grey hairs or beards. The  Scottish origin of this name is a habitational name from personal name Gratus that means Welcome or Pleasing.  The name has an interesting French connection as well. That is why someplace can track back their ancestry to the French community as well.

The popularity of this name in the United States is considerable with around 4,516 registered citizens with the same surname. 

  1. Gibson

Gibson has an English and Scottish origin and the surname is famous in all the major English-speaking countries. The origin of this name is patronymic and stands for ‘Son of Gibb’. Therefore, people from different communities can share this surname.

In the United States, around 33,000 people are found with this last name. The numbers are more visible in California than in any other state.

  1. Guerrero

Guerro is a strong surname that is common in English, Irish, and Portuguese communities. The name stands for an aggressive person who has taken part in some kind of battle. It is also used as a soldier and is often connected with ‘war-like words.

Guerrero has around 33,506 people in the United States alone. The descendants with this ancestry can be found all over the world in large numbers.

  1. Gunn

Gunn is a Scottish-originated name that is the old personal name Gunnar. The name has its meaning associated with Battle. However, there are different origins of this name and each carries a different meaning in the local language. In English, it is used for the person who operated a cannon during the war.

It is believed to be a humorous application of female names as well. In the United States, around 10,311 people are found with this surname.

  1. Gasper

Gasper is a German-originated name that is a reduced form of Gaspersic. The name is derived from a personal name, Casper which means Treasurer. It became popular after a family in Germany that has a rich history. 

The name has its roots in the US with over 2000 people with this surname. However, most of them are limited to Pennsylvania, Ohio, and California. 

  1. Gustin

Gustin is a trendy surname that has many famous personalities tracking their ancestry to it. The origin of this name has its links to the Netherlands and it was first founded in Holland. The surname was associated with a famous and powerful family of that region.

The descendants of this surname are still trackable in the United States with over 2000 members.

  1. Graham

The surname Graham comes from Scotland and Ireland. The shared ancestry of this surname is due to the Norman people. It is a habitational name on the famous place Grahantham that is often referred to as Graham. 

It is part of the top 10 surnames (starting with G) in the United States with over 30,000 members in this country alone. 


The last names starting with G are way more trendy than others. Examples like Graham and Green make it obvious. If you want to find out more surnames like these, you can check CocoFinder’s website for 1000 popular last names. 

You will also find the meaning and origin of these names to know more about them. To get correct information, find the meaning of these names in your local language. Another thing to consider is the variant spellings of each name. You will find multiple names with the same meaning for the same reason.

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