What’s an API? 3 things you need to know to stay current

The API is the abbreviation for the Application Programming Interface, which means a set of
protocols and routines that the computer system, computer library, or application provides to
other applications to perform services to those applications. The API is a set of routines that
is interlaced (often the term interface is used) between our program and some group of
system level or a set of rules for using these routines. For example, a set of operating system
functions that programs can use to perform tasks like managing files and displaying
information on the screen, like advised on stoplight.io.

When Can We Use It?

The APIs can be used to communicate with the operating system (WinAPI), with databases
(DBMS) or with communication protocols (Jabber / XMPP). In recent years, of course, have
joined multiple social networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn, etc.) and
other online platforms (Google Maps, WordPress …), which has become social media
marketing is something simpler, more traceable and, therefore, more profitable.
The important thing you need to know about the API is that it allows third parties to use
information that they could not access. Thus, unnecessary paperwork is eliminated, since the
technology obtains information that is in a closed and verified environment. In addition, it is
possible to make credit ratings in a matter of moments. This fact is explained because the API
imports the information of the income and expenses of the clients from their bank accounts.
Also, since it is an API, its operation is fast and simple.

API Security

Another important thing about the API is the security. In general, APIs only allow a limited
scope of action, taking the provisions so that confidential information of the company can not be manipulated for other purposes. So why waste time reinventing the wheel when an API
allows you to use code that other developers have successfully tested? It is better to use these
functions and concentrate on your application and its characteristics, the important thing is to
make sure you deliver a quality product.
One of the keys to the functioning of the APIs is the ease of integration. This is very
important thing you need to know about API. These tools have to be simple to integrate with
other software so that communications can be developed successfully. In the same way, your
updates should not generate conflicts so that your work remains optimal. To avoid the
problems related to your updates, it is necessary that one of the following two points be
fulfilled, or both: that the format of the data sent in response to the program in which it is
integrated does not change, and that the documentation explains very clearly how to adapt the
program so that it can continue using such data.
As technology progresses every day with an accelerated step, there are always novelties in
this field, but the basics are always the same, and you need to know them in order to stay
current. Start from the most important things!

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