Why a VPN should be one of your vacation essentials

A vacation today is never complete without taking a few (or plenty) Instagram pictures, staying connected and firing up Google or TripAdvisor to find your next stop. If you are a digital nomad, you might even want to get some work done through the internet too. So how does a VPN service stack up among the must-have items on your vacation essentials?

Using the internet while on vacation is no different than If you were home. In fact, a VPN is easily a vacation essential for the following reasons:

You still need your security

While on vacation you will be forced to use foreign internet providers, loosely secured or unsecured WIFI hotspots and shared hotel connections. You never know who would be lurking on these networks at this time when internet crime is on the rise across the world. 

An emerging trend in cyberspace involves criminals specifically targeting foreign tourists with all manner of scams and frauds such as sim-swap scams, man-in-the-middle attacks etc. Using a VPN on all your devices while on vacation is important because it secures your online data.

You still need your privacy while on vacation

Some foreign internet service providers are notorious for collecting user’s data on their networks and selling it to third-party advertisers or giving access to government agencies. While you may have strict data protection laws in your country of origin, the same may not apply in your vacation destination. 

There is no telling what kind of privacy violation you might face abroad should you choose to use your devices while you are there. A VPN is an essential item when it comes to protecting your internet privacy while abroad. There are many arguments for the use of a VPN for privacy but a recent Reddit discussion stands out. According to the Redditors, a VPN protects your privacy by providing end-to-end encryption and routing your data through private secure servers.

You still need access to your favorite websites and shows

Travelling abroad means having to deal with geo-restrictions, banned websites and government surveillance on the internet. For instance, you may still need to access your favorite Netflix shows that will probably be unavailable in the country you are spending your vacation. This is a very common occurrence in most European, China, Africa and some Middle-Eastern countries.

At the same time, you should be wary of government surveillance and what accessing banned websites or posting sensitive posts on the internet might lead to in such countries. You might find yourself on the wrong side of the law in a foreign country for using the internet in the way you are used to at home. 

Among other things, a good VPN service will give you unfettered access to the internet and your favorite websites and shows in a foreign land. You will be able to watch geo-restricted streaming sites, enjoy your music on sites like Spotify and communicate with your loved ones without a problem. 

More importantly, the VPN will keep your internet activity private so you don’t have to worry about surveillance and potential arrests in countries with strict internet censorship and surveillance. Your browsing data will be anonymized and only accessible to you while on vacation.

Accessing company resources securely

If you are the kind that likes to get some work done while on vacation, then you will need a secure and trusted VPN service. Using a VPN, you can remotely access secure company resources like emails, CRM’s file servers cloud resources, teleconferencing apps, among others. Accessing such resources on an unsecured foreign network should be out of the question because of security risks.

Use public foreign public networks

You may have trouble registering a new SIM card to access the internet while on vacation. Roaming with your home network is not a good option because data charges tend to be high while roaming. You will have to rely on free public networks such those found in restaurants, cafes and nightclubs. You can still these networks without worry if you have a VPN on your devices.

Find amazing vacation deals by using a VPN

In the age of internet marketing and big data, most businesses tend to display different prices and deals based on the location of the visitor as captured by their systems. You can save a lot of money by changing your location to a different country while shopping for things like airline tickets, hotel rooms, and the like using a VPN.

All in all, a VPN is a vacation essential considering all the things it would help you accomplish. You don’t even need to be tech-savvy to use a VPN on your devices. Just download the VPN app, turn in on and you will be good to go. Happy holidays!

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