Our Story / behind quickfever

8 years poured into words

Devendra founded Quickfever to assist people in solving their technical problems. The site initially focused on the Windows operating system and the Android operating system. There are now four major categories on the website: Windows, Tutorials, Internet, and Lists.  

In the past few years, I have received feedback from many people (through comments and emails) that has motivated me sufficiently to continue doing what I am passionate about and started. I find such feedback to be particularly encouraging. You are all wonderful! My heart is filled with gratitude. 

2015 – 2021

Started the website, and traffic was around 50 for a few months. It was in 2017 when people started to notice the website.

Read about blog changes, I don’t update it regularly but has an overall changelog.

Ups and downs

Had seen many ups and down with this site, sometimes traffic was very high and sometimes it was barely making a living. things have changed a lot today, and there are thousands of new websites writing the same niche and it’s really hard to be dependent on this site.

Other than the site, where I make content

Quickfever’s YouTube I wish I could do more here, but the problem, is I work alone on this site and I can only focus on one thing at a time, waiting and making videos is way hard for me. Hope I’d find a team soon.

Quickfever’s Instagram after the site, I manage to make a few posts and short videos on weekly basis.

Do I have other websites?

I have a dozen of domains and started work on a few likes of readjoin.com…

My Desktop, Mobile, and Laptop

This is the benchmark (new), Windows 11’s bench result. Intel i9-9900k @4.7Ghz base | 2070 overclocked 0%

ProcessorIntel i9-9900K
GPURTX 2070 MSI Armor
MotherboardMSI Z370 Mortar
Screen 1Dell Alienware 25″ 240Hz
AIO Cooling KITCorsair H100 Liquid Cooling
RAMG.Skill 3200 RGB 8GBx4 RAM
StorageSilicon NVME M.2 512GB SSD x2
CabinetThermaltake C35 ARGB
MouseLogitech 402, Some lightweight mouse
Extra StorageSeagate Slim & One Touch 2TB each

Table of specs I use

Laptop: MI Notebook 2021 Ultra i7-18GB
Mobile: MI 11X 8-128GB