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5 reasons why Quickfever is the right place to advertise your brand:

1. Visibility: Quickfever.com receives around 1,00,000 page views monthly. We’re ranked among the leading authority sites in the technology, Internet and tech genre.

2. Senior Executive Audience: Our subscribers include Average people, CEOs, brand managers, creative directors, copywriters, art directors, etc.

3. Quality traffic:
Majority of our traffic comes from the US (30%), followed by India (20%),  and rest around the world.

If we look at channels, then social traffic = 11%, organic search = 56%, and referral.

4. Value for money: Our fixed rates are way lower compared to websites with the similar audience and ranking.

5. Secure payments: All payments are processed via PayPal (Worldwide), Other options also available.


Ad placements and pricing ↓

1. Top header ads // $100 monthly

2. Sidebar Ads

a. 300×250 / 250×250 // $50 Monthly

b. 300×600 // $75 monthly

3. Bottom Ad // $75 monthly

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