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Every one of us owns a smartphone which is loaded with Android OS and everyone play games and watch videos online. Videos are an important part of it because they give us pleasure and information to us. Enjoyment is doubled when you watch them offline in high quality. They can be downloaded with various software which has very different ways of downloading videos from the web. They are a good source of entertainment but downloading them on your Android is not as much efficient as on PC but still, an Android has the upper hand with its portability.

The android has various downloading software available which can download high-quality movie or video. A good video downloader should have various features listed below.

  • Efficient downloading
  • No data corruption while downloading files
  • File resume availability
  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • User-friendly environment

So, here is the list of top 8 Video downloader for android.

AVD video downloader:

The topper of all Android video downloader is here! AVD is the best video downloader available for Android in Playstore. It has over 50 million downloads and an average user rating of 3.9/5 reviewed by almost 526165 customers. There are various features that are noticeable and very impressive. It has an inbuilt browser dedicated to video surfing. It lets you download the video directly from various websites. It also has an inbuilt player which lets you watch downloaded videos. It is worth using software and is #1 Android video downloader.

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The second most powerful video downloader for android.One of the most wonderful software downloader available for Android. Downloaded by 5 million+ users and rated 4.2 /5 stars. It has gained popularity since its launch although it supports all files for download and is not dedicated to videos only still it has a very user-friendly environment and is far above rated than other video downloaders on the web. One of the important features of this software is that it supports cloud storage so that you can save your important downloaded files on cloud storage.

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FVD video downloader

The third most popular video downloader for android. FVD- free video downloader is a very useful and handy video downloader for android. It is available in 14 languages and is very efficient. It has a great feature which allows you to use your favorite browser to visit and afterward an icon will appear, and after taping it, it will allow you to directly download your chosen video file.

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Easy video downloader

The fourth most powerful video downloader for android. Easy video downloader is a great android app for video downloading. It allows users to download videos at high speed and enjoy them offline on your android device. It allows you to download directly from your favorite web browser and websites. It is a great app for watching and downloading videos. One of the remarkable features of this software is that it has a player for playing downloaded videos.

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HD video downloader

The fifth most powerful video downloading software for android. It has various remarkable features. Easy downloading through any browser and fast downloading options. It has a very user-friendly environment for users. One of the noticeable feature of this software is that it gives a small preview of the video that you are about to download. Still, the software is worth using and you won’t regret installing it.

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The sixth most powerful video downloading software for android. This is a free video downloading tool which comes with a simple interference and is very lightweight. It has an inbuilt browser and an inbuilt player for playing downloaded videos. It allows you to select the quality of the video and has a very efficient and is very useful for simple users. It has various customization options and supports various file formats such as AVI, MPEG and MKV.

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The seventh most powerful video downloader for android. This video downloader is a very useful and efficient video and music downloader. Although this software is not dedicated to video downloading but still it can download high-quality videos. It is capable of downloading videos at lightning speed and has a multi-downloading function which allows a user to download multiple files at once. It has a very user-friendly environment and a built-in browser for a better experience.

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Internet download manager

The best downloader on PC is now available for Android. IDM is very useful and user-friendly tool for downloading files. Although it is not dedicated to video downloading but still has various options for downloading video files. It supports a number of file formats such as AVI and MP4. It has an inbuilt browser which is capable of running Java scripts and tabbed browsing. It supports most of the file types, and the browser is excellent in interference with user.

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So here was the top 8 android video downloader which was efficient and useful. Although some of them are not dedicated to video downloading but still they provide an excellent environment for video downloading and streaming. Most of them have an inbuilt browser and inbuilt players. If your favorite video downloader for android got unnoticed let us know in the comments section below!

Note: Due to YouTube’s policies you cannot download videos from YouTube in some of these downloaders.

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