15 Android OTG Cable Uses You Don’t know

USB On-The-Go (famously known as USB OTG cable) is undoubtedly one sublime aspect of android devices. Now it’s more like an feature to all the new Android Phones (i.e. all the current android phones). It’s a standard that permits USB OTG compatible devices to go about as “hosts” or controllers for other USB contraptions, for example, consoles/mouse, flash drives, and even game controllers.This basically makes an android more like a host and connect a few things, it makes android phones a kind of smaller PC. By using OTG cable can increase the usefulness of your Android phone. In many ways you can do quite amazing things on the android smartphone.

Almost all the new Android gadgets have the USB OTG support facility, a few (more customized) devices may not work, for them to work with USB OTG cable a custom ROM installation will be required.  Therefore, the article gives gathered-together view of all those things that you can do using an OTG cable.

Connect a Mouse or Keyboard

This is kind of first thing to do with an OTG cable, Have an inclination exploring your Android smartphone with a mouse same as you do you own a computer. That’s is really easy, connect your computer mouse using the USB OTG cable to your phone. This can also come truly convenient for information purpose, particularly in circumstances when the devices touchscreen is harmed or not responding at some areas. Correspondingly, you can connect a mouse to your Android via USB OTG cable to do things easier and faster like we do in computers.

Writing on Android phone may be not convenient for some of you, (even though SwiftKey is there) and the on-screen keyboard barely left half of the screen when active. Making it sometimes fuzzy to type a long message or document. Now that you know a keyboard can be attached to an android phone, you just need an OTG cable to write at the same speed and efficacy that people have been accustomed to on their computers. With an OTG cable, you can easily connect a USB keyboard to your Android device and configure using Android’s built-in settings for external controllers. Sometimes some android phones have calibration issues, so this is an easy workaround to handle the situation.

The tiny cursor looks adorable. / Reddit user.

Charge Other phone

In what may be a standout amongst the most intriguing employments of USB OTG, it can be utilized to have one Android telephone charge another phone. You should directly associate the two telephones, and the telephone going about as the USB have (the one specifically related to the USB OTG link) will begin charging the other gadget. This can be useful in crisis circumstances when your telephone’s battery runs out, and you do not have a charger or divider attachment around. Indeed, even non-Android gadgets, for example, iPhones can be charged through this strategy.

Plug a USB Drives to Transfer or Play data

Helpful when you want to access data of your USB drive without plugging it to a real computer. Taking backup of internal storage will become handy if you don’t want to loose data. When you wanted to exchange data you don’t have to bother someone to ask for their phone, instead use the USB drive. Connecting a USB drive to an Android smartphone using OTG cable is not new. Though if you have one and wish to expand your storage you can utilize this. While you are using an external USB drive make sure to install an advanced 3rd party File Manager application (i.e. ES File manager) which makes this easier to view and manage files both of your internet and external storage.

USB Accessories

Because of the pervasiveness of the USB interface, there are innumerable embellishments accessible for it. Also, with USB OTG, utilizing them with your Android cell phones has never been simpler. Need somewhat cool wind on a hot summer evening? Use this convenient fan with your Android mobile. On the other hand what about a LED light to discover something oblivious? The potential outcomes are unfathomable.

Some other USB accessories are usb fan and usb Light, Xiaomi is making such products that you can grab online. And why stop, you can even plug your laptop’s cooler fan, though, why would you do that.

Make use of External Voice recorder

Let you a newbie vocalist or a aspiring and growing Youtuber, a decent vouce recorder is a important substance to quality recording. There are some impressive USB voice recorder (for Windows/MAC) which you attach to android smartphone via OTG. It’s far simpler than using it with a computer. For the voice recorder to work you’ll need a application (such as USB Audio recorder Pro) which have pretty cool features — ability to change sound cushion, playlist administration, change sound channels, and a few more.

I use an app to digitise my vinyls. My record player has a USB output and I can directly record them as FLAC. / 0nse

Using Musical Instruments

All present day musical instruments (e.g. consoles, guitars) can attach with PCs by means of the MIDI standard. What’s more, on account of USB OTG, you can associate them to your Android gadgets too. This gives you a chance to utilize musical instruments to make music on Android gadgets. For the most part, you likewise require some musical instrument particular applications for this. For delineation, check the buddy video, demonstrating Grand Piano Pro, an Android application, yielding musical notes created by an associated musical instrument.

Control a DSLR camera

Favored by star picture takers (and nowadays, even amateurs), DSLR cameras offer best in class picture quality, finish with broad manual controls, and a scope of extras. Notwithstanding, you can likewise control your DSLR camera and granularly change its manual controls utilizing your USB OTG associated Android telephone, Sweet, various applications accessible for the same. One such application is DSLR Controller, which can be utilized to conform center, zoom control, screen speed, ISO, and after that some more, specifically from the Android cell phone. It can even be utilized to record Time slip by recordings.

Play games using Internet Game controller

otg-use-game-controller, usb otg use

We all know playing games on android is real fun, and games are becoming more and more advanced with complex control buttons. So suffice it to say, a Game controller might save your day. Be that as it may, don’t stress, as USB OTG gives you a chance to attach the Internet game controllers to your Android smartphone and diversion like an ace. oblige in particularly convenient when playing hustling, activity/experience, and shooter amusements. While most game controllers work specifically, some of them may require your Android phone to be certified.

Connect LAN / Connect to Ethernet

With regards to connecting to Internet on cellphones, Wi-Fi (or cell network) is for the most easy approach. If at some instances you have a wired internet connection at your home, you can get to wired internet on your android mobile. For this approach two things are required, A OTG cable and a USB Ethernet connector which you can either get from a nearby computer shop or online.

Print Documents

Normally, printing stuffs obliges you to either utilize a PC program (e.g. Microsoft Word), or transfer a file to the USB drive to be printed by an Computer Printer. Be that as it may, why to experience the bother, when you can directly interfere to the printer from your Android mobile, using USB OTG cable. (You need a USB printer for this). Nonetheless, for this purpose alone, you additionally require an application called PrinterShare. It can download drivers for the USB printer(s) to the android, after which it can be utilized to print the reports, photographs and so on put away on your Android device. PrinterShare additionally incorporates propelled alternatives for evolving textual styles, paper measure, and significantly more. See the inserted video delineating the activity.

Import Photos

Like every single other gadget, computerized cameras likewise utilize USB for associating with PCs. Furthermore, on account of USB OTG, you can without much of a stretch import the photographs taken by advanced cameras (e.g. DSLRs) to your Android telephone. It is as straightforward as associating the camera to the Android phone and can be truly valuable when you need to oversee/alter the photographs from the computerized cameras on the Android cell phone, utilizing one of the numerous applications accessible for the same

Transfer Contacts, Messages between SmartPhones

After getting another cell phone, one of the main things to be done is to set it up. For the most part, this incorporates exchanging your contacts, messages, and different settings from the old gadget to the new one. What’s more, with Samsung’s SmartSwitch application and USB OTG, getting your new cell phone up and running is a cakewalk. The SmartSwitch application gives you a chance to exchange messages, contacts, call logs, and a great deal more between Android gadgets, as well as iPhones and Blackberry devices too.

Take note of: The kind of substance that can be exchanged by means of USB OTG through Smart Switch relies on upon the gadgets.

More OTG Uses

USB On-The-Go is for sure a powerhouse highlight that gives you a chance to utilize your Android cell phones in more courses than conceivable. What’s more, as talked about over, it’s not by any stretch of the imagination that hard either. So what are you sitting tight for? Experiment with these traps, and see which one(s) you observe to be the most valuable. Know of some other USB OTG utilizes that could’ve made it to the rundown? Keep in mind to specify in the remarks beneath!



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