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I started Quickfever to help people find solutions concerning tech problems. At that time I wrote articles related to just Windows and Android. At this time, the site has 4 main categories — Windows, Tutorials, Internet, and Listicle.

(I work alone on this site).

Over time, I’ve received feedback from many people ( through comments and emails) that motivated me to continue doing what I love. It feels so good to read good comments. Thank you! I feel gratified.

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My RIG – i9 9900k Dual Monitor Setup

This is the benchmark result. i9 9900k @4.7Ghz / 2070 OC

Update: replaced with Dell Alienware 25″ 240Hz
Processor Intel i9 9900k
GPURTX 2070 MSI Armor
MotherboardMSI Z370 Mortar Motherboard
Screen 1Dell Alienware 25″ 240Hz
AIO Cooling KITCorsair h100 Liquid Cooling
RAMG.Skill 3200 RGB 8×4 RAM
StorageSilicon NVME M.2 512GB SSDx2
CabinetThermaltake C35 ARGB Cabinet
MouseLogitech 402
Table of specs I use