Let’s face it. I do not get many page views on this site. But in case you’re still interested in knowing who is behind this blog and what blog is about, I am glad.

My name is Devendra, from a small city inside Rajasthan, India.

There are only a few people who visit this site on a regular basis. It’s really hard to get mentions from big sites like Lifehacker, AddictiveTips, and howtogeek. Sure sites like Beebom has an in-house team to curate thousands of articles per month and since they have nice reach to big brands who keep mentioning them. That’s what Google loves, links from high authority blogs to rank your site in Google.

It’s become really easy for a blogger who has support from family and has people from the same field around them. I got none.

But still, in a place of thousands of high traffic sites, Quickfever.com really stands nowhere. The only miracle that can happen is people join my community and share their questions and queries and help me build a team so can stand a chance.

Maybe if you just read this and will close this tab, that’s ok for you. But in case you want to a miracle to happen to quickfever, these are the things you can do to show me some support.

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