10 Cloud torrent sites that offer speedy downloads

Disclaimer: Downloading copyright content using torrent is illegal. However, for example, you can download Ubuntu OS using torrent as their official website offering it. Also, to avoid any issues I didn’t linked any site simply search in google to visit a service.

There are many popular torrents website using them you can download anything including free music, documentary, and eBooks. Eventually, some big pirated website is being shut-down, which is a good step. However, there is one thing that always bothers, downloading torrents using official Torrent clients are a real bummer for those people who live in a country where the Internet service provider (ISP) limits the p2p (torrent) downloading speed. Alternatively, maybe Most of the Torrent client does not work for you as there are numbers of factors you need to solve before downloading a torrent successfully using a Torrent client.

So what’s the best yet easiest solution to download torrents?
A cloud torrent service! What is that? How does this work?

Best Cloud Torrenting Services

Cloud torrent service provider; such websites offering a graphical user interface where you can add torrent (either .torrent link or file and magnet) so that they can download them on their server, now you can directly download that data over an encrypted connection. Which means you can directly downlaod the data on any device.

Best Online Torrent Downloaders site: Quick Look

  1. Put.io: per day plan, reliable service.
  2. Seedr.cc: free and arguably best, start with 2GB space and more by referring friends.
  3. Bitport.io: Unlimited speed, Google Drive syncing.
  4. Torrent-safe: price starts from $5.
  5. Offcloud: another good cloud torrenting.
  6. (Web torrent) Instant.io: Free, no account, and streams quickly.
  7. (Web torrent) βTorrent: Free, no user account, support for large files.
  8. (Web torrent) Webtor: Free, no user account, support for large files.

#1-5 are the torrenting sites with cloud downloads. #6,7,8 downloads your torrent files directly to your browser, and the process is similar to using a BitTorrent client.

10 Cloud torrenting service providers

There are alternatives to any web service, and just like that there are options available in Torrent services can be used to ease the overall process to download files using torrent. Here are the 10 best torrent services you can use to download torrents without using a torrent client.

#1. Seedr

HTTPS protocol, insanely fast service.

Best Cloud Torrenting Services

Seedr is the first service that encouraged me to write on this topic. It enables users to download torrent to the site’s cloud storage, later you can download those files like general downloads, no client is required. It converts magnet links to direct links online, For this purpose, you need to sign up there. Once you sign up, confirm the email address, and you are ready to convert torrent files into direct downloadable links. All you need is a .torrent file link or a torrent Magnet link and paste it on the website. Open Seedr and paste the .torrent/magnet and click on the + icon. In a few seconds, the torrent files will be loaded to their cloud storage.

It is our all-time favorite Torrent service to turn any Torrent file into direct download links in almost no time. The free plan comes with 2GB of free storage that can be extended by referring your friends and doing a few other tasks. Paid plans are also available if you need more storage to deal with bigger torrent files. Even, I mention that when answering a question related to torrent on Quora.

#2. Put.io

Best Cloud Torrenting Services

While it doesn’t have a trial for a free plan but you can start using it for $3.99 and can turn torrents into downloadable files. It also has many more features like remote downloading. If you are looking for a more trustable stable Torrent Cloud Service, I strongly recommend this service as it is much cheap, and yet it is the most powerful service I have ever seen. And it’s not just me praising it. Visit Twitter. Many people are told the site is extremely useful.

#3. Bitport

The free plan allow 1Gb space, paid plan starting at $5 with 30Gb cloud storage.

It is another cloud torrent download website that supports 1 GB of cloud storage in the free plan, but all the downloads are over an HTTP connection (unsecured), but you can stream torrents on all of your devices. If you need more, they have paid plans starting from $5 a month. I might get a premium plan very soon, and will update the experience with it.

Best Cloud Torrenting Services

After testing we found Bitport a solid alternative to the rest of the cloud torrent services. It seeds torrents to their servers with a 1:1 upload ratio (which is a respect for other people who use torrents). I’ve tested the “Small plan” that provides 30 GB storage with 5 slots for simultaneously torrent downloading. A few times when downloading files on mobile (download managers) pausing-and-resuming sometime gives an error (authentication error) but it was easy to replace the link and resume the download, however, Seedr doesn’t have this issue at all.

#4. Torrent Safe

Best Cloud Torrenting Services

TorrentSafe is simple to use, there is no login, signup required. In their free plan, you can add 3 torrents monthly up to 10GB. it’s enough for some people unless they want files stored for more than 2 days. If your requirement is more, the paid plan starts from $3 month which offers unlimited torrent size and storage meaning you can download as much as torrents, they’ll be live for 7 days.

When you buy a license key, you’ll get a special auto-login URL where you can see your downloads and manage them. If you’re looking for a simple way to download torrents to a cloud Torrentsafe is a good choice.

#5. Self-hosted cloud torrenting service

Github project link

Best Cloud Torrenting Services

Click here to create an account and get a $100 Digital Ocean credit*.

You can actually set up a VPS server to get started with this project to host your own cloud downloading server. So what basically you are doing is purchasing hosting and setting up your own cloud Torrent service where you can upload a (.torrent/magnet URL) file to start downloading write into your server storage. It is much like other Torrent services but hosted on your server, and it will cost you nothing but a hosting service.

#6. Offcloud

We were unable to access the website from INDIA, use a vpn in that case.

Best Cloud Torrenting Services

Another Torrent service can be used to fetch torrent files into a cloud server and then download directly using HTTPS connection to your computer or any device. Sometimes it takes longer to fetch torrents to their servers. The mechanism is the same you have to provide a Torrent (. Torrent) or magnet link. Although there is no limit of Torrent size even in the free plan, you can only convert 3 Torrent links each month this is a huge bummer for people looking for unlimited bandwidth.

It also lets you upload a Torrent file directly to a cloud service for that you need to add your cloud account from the settings. It also supports remote downloading when you feel you need to save something from the web but not on your computer. The free plans give you 10GB of space or torrent conversion.

These 6 services are tested and works as they are supposed, the below sites are unreliable and a few of them already stopped working.

#7. Fox Leech

Web server was down when we checked.

Best Cloud Torrenting Services

Foxleech doesn’t have a free plan but they offer everything you need in a cheap plan starting with $3 for 30 days, the only difference in plans is validity and rest features are the same which is a good thing here.

#8. Premiumize me

While it does not have a free plan, so you have to purchase a subscription in order to download torrents using this site. I might personally recommend services that don’t give a free trial or a free plan to test out things. We already have some torrent those service providers whose free plan is enough for most people.

#9. Direct-torrent

This one does not require any sign-up and comes handy when you need to convert only a torrent to a direct download link and save it to your computer. However the website is full of pop-up advertisements, and it uses link shortening service where you are again is subject to what does annual advertisements.

#10. File Stream

The free plan gives you the ability to download a max size of 1GB torrent, but storage space is not an issue here, as you get 300GB for free. However, files will be saved for 3 days, which is more than enough. I tested a 180MB file, took it around 5 minutes to finish the conversion and serve download links, while Seedr only took a few seconds for the same torrent file.

#11. ZbigZ

One of the most popular remote file downloading websites that needs almost no sign up if you want to use it for free you can upload a maximum of 1 GB file or a torrent using .torrent or magnet link. Be uploaded file will remain saved for a week, and also you get around 150 + kbps downloading speed. They also have a premium plan once you are satisfied with the service you can go along with their pro package.

There are tons of other websites out there providing the same services, if you are stomach is still hungry try out in Google search and find by yourself.

Seedr is without any doubt the best cloud torrent download site we’ve ever seen, and it does provide the best user experience even in the free plan as there is not any restriction—you got unlimited bandwidth which means you can convert as many as torrents into downloadable files. The runner up is probably a self-hosted cloud download site that you can set up with bare minimum knowledge. But be careful as some countries.

  1. Good list. But you need to update it. Magnet2url is the cheapest cloud torrent client on the market now. And it works smoothly.

  2. Thank you very much for the review!
    I was just wondering what cloud torrent client sites there are and how many. Turns out there are many!
    I’m using Torrent Safe (https://www.torrentsafe.com/) for a while now and it’s very good. It’s easy, cheap and works great, very quick downloads. It also downloads the torrents much faster than utorrent (or any other client i tried). I don’t know about the others. Since i like Torrent Safe so much, i don’t feel like trying something else. But it’s always good to know what’s out there!

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