6 Remote Access Software Better than TeamViewer and LogMeIN

This a part-2 of What is the best Screen sharing application, so far the winner is Chrome remote desktop. Besides if you are not satisfied (by TV and CRD) and looking for an alternative, Here is the best list of remote access software that you can use to share your computer screen or do other additional things. Some are free remote desktop access software with personal use license, while other with additional features may cost, below are most used remote access software with their features and pricing.

All screen sharing software are included in this article have to support for Windows 10, if you have an older Windows operating system you might need to check the appropriate official website of a remote access software tool.

If you are an individual and wanted to address to private devices, Chrome remote desktop is the right tool for you, and the TeamViewer we’ll just send all of your needs. Just when you need more options like video conferencing and other tons of features according to your needs, check out these remote access programs to choose from.

TeamViewers Alternatives of 2016 Paid And Free

I spend a lot of time on my laptop, sometimes it became hard to keep your eyes open and keep looking at your computer screen, why not just lay on the bed and remain access to your computer using Screen sharing or remote access apps. Just like you traveling and accessing your computer, it will help relax while let you keep going.

6 Best remote desktop connection Softwares

Find and learn about best remote desktop access and screen sharing apps for quick desktop sharing and remote connection. Here are our favorite remote desktop clients.

1. Chrome Remote Desktop

No doubt why Chrome’s remote access app is mentioned here, and Google Chrome is more than you think of it. To know more about Chrome’s remote access software and to set up it,  Read the original article here to directly use the best screen sharing software to use for personal devices.

2. Join Me | Paid

Platform: Windows, MAC OSX

Choosing a screen sharing and conferencing tool should be deciphering.  if you haven’t used Join Me yet. It lets you share your computer screen with more than a single device like you can share your screen up to 50 peoples at once. Video conferencing is a paid feature, yet the audio conferencing is free. The Pro screen sharing let you allow only screen a single window instead of the full desktop access.

People who have to join your presentation or meeting does not need to download anything; they can join by entering the access code you provide.

Pricing: Screen sharing is Free, The Pro version is at $15 and Enterprise version $20/Mo with community and advanced meeting features

Features: Simple screen sharing, Audio, and Video conferencing, host presentation from mobile remotely.

Visit the official site →


3. LogMeIn | Paid

Platforms: Windows

We get LogMeIn is one of the expensive remote access software. But it comes with LastPass Premium 1 license which handles all your passwords on your device and sync them across other devices you use.

Pricing: Individual plan is priced at $149/ Year

Features: File access is simpler Screen share. 1TB of cloud file storage, where you can store any sort of files and folders.

Visit the official site →

4. Ammyy (Not safe as google)

Platforms: Only Windows

Unlike most of the remote access apps ammyy doesn’t need to be installed on your computer just download a light .exe file of ammyy setup and connect to others and let other connect to your machine. It also offers chat and voice over IP function which os useful to engage with peoples.Pricing: Non-commercial license is free of any cost, The advanced plans are Premium and the Corporate which are priced at $33, $66, $66 respectively.
Features: Screen sharing, file manager, voice chat.

Visit the official site →

5. MikeGo

Platforms: Windows, MAC, iOS, Android

Another multi-functional free screen sharing which i
Pricing: Free for single users and screen sharing to 1 person. Where Pro plan is priced at $16/month with 25 sessions at once.

Features: Screen sharing, Conferencing, Screen recording, Chat & File transfer.

Visit the official site →

6. SplashTop

Platforms: Windows.

A top LonMeIn and TeamViewer alternative, and let you mirror your device’s screen to any other device. Just after you finish installing, you’ll able to quick use it. This really help as you don’t have to go into complicated setup. Also, all the remote sessions are secure which makes this the best security feature. But here is the catch. There are different apps for host and client. Client’s app doesn’t have the ability to remote connect to other computer. Instead, the app will make client computer accessible to host’s computer. Overall, Splashtop is a fine chose for telecommuters need to remote access computer at work or home. As we said earlier, the installation process is cumbersome, but it comes with speed and security which make it worth trying out.

Con: the program doesn’t offer drag and drop functionality.

Pricing: Free non-commercial license, for Work, see pricing by going on the site.

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  1. All the above mentioned softwares are hosted services. Wherein security is a major concern., Hence, I would always recommend using secured remote access tools like on premise R-HUB remote support servers. It works from behind the firewall, hence better security.

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