How do you Convert a USB Keyboard to a Wireless


Wireless connectivity of a keyboard allows ok you to work from a greater distance and without any messy cables on your desktop. When you are using a wired mouse with a laptop things become uncomfortable. For most cases, a wireless mouse would be a great fit for your television set by providing control from any seating location. Today you learn to convert a wired keyboard to a wireless keyboard is quite possible when using the correct set of equipment and knowledge on what is required to make a wireless keyboard connection to work.

Step 1

Turn off your computer and switch off the power switch. In case of a laptop shut down laptop and remove the charger.

Step 2

Remove the connected wired/corded keyboard from the USB port. On equator not you can tighten USB port if they are loose.

Step 3

In this tab will need a microcontroller connected to the keyboard USB port. Atmel Atmega micro-controllers are quite handy and they only require internal battery. Such controllers are USB compatible. The microcontroller should run and support USB protocol, thus USB protocol can be manually loaded onto the controller good luck if you can find one pre-installed.

Step 4

Now radio transmitter comes into play, it comes with the controller that is going to be attached to the Wired-Keyboard. The microcontroller and radio transmitter will have a compatible interface and port for this type of connection between them. Radiotronix and other similar transmitters can be used for this purpose. Also, keep in mind that such a transmitter should have an internal battery.

Step 5

Plug the other part of the microcontroller into the computer’s USB port. This part also required a battery as it will be needed in idle conditions.

Step 6

Now take the second radio transmitter which is the controller attached to the computer. The frequency should be the same as step 4.

Step 7

Switch on all the microcontroller and radio transmitters, and an LED (if present) will turn on.

Step 8

Turn on your computer. Plug the power and restart your Machine if required.

Step 9

Now your Wired/corded keyboard will work as a Wireless keyboard. The (DIY) Wireless keyboard should work automatically as there won’t be a toggle button (like on usual Wireless keyboards).

When prompted load the driver from the CD Drive and install them from the Internet (if required). The driver for the Wired Keyboard will work for this new Wireless Keyboard because they share the same USB protocol. The difference now is the data between your Keybaord and Computer will now transmit wireless rather than through USB (previously).

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