How to Direct Download Torrents To Cloud Storage and Download Without Client

Torrents are an easier way to share a file between people. That is why over 150 million people use the BitTorrent protocol to get things done. Nonethelessalternatives are available, and users have to get to learn how to download torrent using BitTorrent and similar clients.

Services that hide user’s IP Addresses with a free tier (limited storage) are growing. Let’s get to know such services better, for instance, is one of them, just far better.

Download Torrents from Direct Links.

You don’t need to wait for hours to download a torrent file using Bittorrent clients. Torrent client is not always the fast way to download files, especially when a torrent has few seeds, So, it’d be better to use a cloud server to fetch torrent files and let you download with possible high speed. Always remember using a torrent client or downloading files using it, is legal. But downloading copyright material is not.

Seedr converts torrents files into Direct download link, and the free tier allows the only torrent files up to 2GB of size,  you can buy extra space, or can refer some friends to get some space for free. All the connections are encrypted with SSL-256bit with strong ciphers, over HTTP/2 connections. Their cloud server manages all the torrent traffic, and they don’t expose user identity to anyone, says admin David.

Download torrent to cloud storage website lets you stream and make download torrent to the cloud so you can download torrent files over HTTP connection. It converts magnet link to direct link online, For the purpose, you need to sign up there. Once you sign up, confirm the email address, and you are ready to convert a torrent file into direct links.

All you need is a .torrent file link or a torrent Magnet link and paste it on the website. To do that open seeder and paste the .torrent link or magnet and click on the + icon. In a few seconds, the torrent files will be loaded to their cloud storage.

torrent to cloud, download, direct, fast speed, idm

Next, you can navigate those files, and you can download or stream it. This is also helpful if you just need some files from a torrent.

Seedr The best Torrent online downloader

Then you can directly download the files using your browser’s integrated download manager, though Internet download manager also works.

torrent to cloud, download, direct, fast speed, idm

That was the easiest method to converter Torrent file into direct download links. You can only download a torrent file that is less than 2 GB, But there are free options to increase the storage space. You can refer it has to 4 friends to get up to 2 GB of space, 500 MB for each. Once you do that, you will have 6 GB spaces enough for daily use.

Where the free plan fails,

In the free plan you can stream torrent but in lower quality than the actual. You can anytime upgrade your subscription plan to stream in HD and to get more features.

Best torrent to cloud, download, direct, fast speed, idm

But wait, fall in love with seeder Master plan.

Why Seedr Master plan?

If you see the screenshot of my account which has 1 TB of space, Simple enough reason to be excited. The Master plan is priced at just $19 per month which comes with great features that I’m telling you, so continue reading.

torrent to cloud, download, direct, fast speed, idm

One benefit is HD streaming, why to wait to download something when you can stream directly with a bucket of popcorn. Also, you’ll get a WebDav account, which is accessible with seeder account credentials, and YASS, direct download links, and ease to download with a matter of mouse click.

Typical WebDAV is a protocol which allows users to perform remote Web content authoring operations

torrent to cloud, download, direct, fast speed, idm

There are like, you can download 8 Torrents at once, and offers Private Torrents Support. With Static IP For Private Trackers. What more do you need, nothing I say.

So overall it is recommended if you want to deal with torrents very easily and effortlessly. Using it you can download files directly to cloud in a single zip or separately.

Competiton, there are many similar services. We have checked around 3 similar sites and found that in a free plan they don’t give as much as it gives. It is the fastest torrent downloader site we ever have seen in action and with Pro plan, it is far better than anything else.

Disclosure: We received a 3-month premium subscription as a gift from seedr staff in 2018. | Torrent Download to Cloud

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