[Updated] How Much Does Netflix Cost For a Month? (January 2019)

Advertisement Netflix is undoubtedly one globally popular streaming service, with lot’s of content to search and binge watch.…

Netflix is undoubtedly one globally popular streaming service, with lot’s of content to search and binge watch. We’ve compared it with Hulu (read review) and found no significant drawbacks in it. Netflix is available for Major platforms including Android TV, PC mobile phones, iOS devices, PS4, etc. It has around 100 million subscribers worldwide, in 2016 Netflix released 106 original series or movies which are higher than any other streaming service provider, it is enough to tell you how popular Netflix is today.

The subscription model of Netflix is pretty straightforward, and there are many reasons to love this streaming service, and we’ll tell you more about it, want to know how much Netflix cost in a month? Yearly? Keep reading.

Features of Netflix Streaming Service:

  1. No Advertisements: Unlike Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, Netflix never shows advertisements while streaming. It’s probably one of the best features of Netflix, and most people like it for the ad-free streaming.
  2. Watch anywhere on any device: Cross platform support, supports many devices for a seamless experience.
  3. Fast CDN, resume where you left: having a busy day? Worries not. With Netflix, you can continue from the last played position, even across devices. Also, it keeps tracks of watched movies and TV serials.
  4. Huge Database and original content: the database is undoubtedly huge, you are most likely to find anything you search for. For example, breaking bad is the best rated TV serial that you won’t find on Amazon prime, but Netflix has it. It also brings original TV series (the stranger things) and movies (iboy).
  5. Payment Options: although, it doesn’t support visa or secured by pin kind of cards. But you can add advanced payment using PayPal in selected countries.

How much will Netflix Cost for a month?

Well, This is official pricing in INR (Indian Rupee) taken from the Netflix India site. The original pricing is in USD (united states dollar) which is $7.99, $10.99, $13.99 respectively.

Price is increased, $1 for the standard plan and $2 for premium plan.

Apart from streaming quality and number of screens, you will get almost same features in each plan of Netflix. Basically, Netflix has three plans which offer different features at different prices.

  1. Basic Plan — $7.99 per month: The bare minimum plan to watch serials on Netflix with only 1 screen at a time. Although, You can press “CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + S” to change streaming quality to possible higher you won’t see 720 and higher resolution option. This plan doesn’t let you stream in HD or Ultra HD, here at Netflix HD mean 720p resolution. All the content is available on this plan, and there is no restriction about that. Yearly $95.88
  2. Standard Plan — $10.99 per month: Currently it’s the most popular plan to feed your thirsty eyeballs, HD is available on this plan, and for most of the people 720P is more than enough. You get 2 screens to stream at the same time, and I use the plan, one from a web browser and I use the Netflix Android app to download TV episodes and watch them later. All the content is available in this plan. Yearly $131↑
  3. Premium Plan — $13.99 per month: The last plan and a bit expensive with “Ultra HD” streaming, it will also allow 4 screens at a time, then either it will be best friends or family (that’s hard to decide). Unless you have a really fast internet, unlimited bandwidth and a 4K screen, You can subscribe to this plan, but I will not come to any of use at all if your internet slows down then it will be streamed on the lower resolution automatically. However, you can override it, but then the video will buffer. Yearly $167 ↑.

Netflix Pricing Comparison

Hulu: Cost around same but only offers 1-week trial.

Amazon Prime: 30-day trial, cost around $10.99 month.

Netflix month price Country wise

B – basic, S standard, P – premium.

United States

B – 7.99, S – 10.99, P – 13.99




How much will Netflix Cost for a year?


  • $96 basic plan, without HD and 1 green at a time
  • $121 standard plan with HD and two screens at a time
  • $144 premium plan with Ultra HD and 4 screens, simultaneously.

Wrapping it up:

So that’s all you wanted to know, the basic price of Netflix is $8 a month and additional ($2-$4) to get more screens to stream and Ultra HD quality.