Download Windows 11 21H2 22000.348 ISO and Guide

Get your hands on Windows 11, download the Windows 11 build 22000 ISO and install it on your PC, laptop or Virtual machine.
Windows 11 build 22000.132
Click on the image to view in full size, build 22000

Windows 11 is great, it’s a whole new experience including beautiful UI, Windows layout options, better multi-monitor options, and improved performance features, and the ability to run Android Apps. Microsoft released it on 5th Oct, and we also have an Insider preview version of Windows 11 which is already installed on tens of thousands of computers. We believe Windows 11 has already been a success. Windows 11 is available to download from Microsoft for free.

Windows 11 build 22000.258 channel

ready-made ISO for Windows 11

get a ready-made direct link to Microsoft’s Windows 11 English language build 22000.318.

The above link is an English ISO replica of what’s being offered on this Microsoft Page, want the ISO in another language? visits the link.

Build Windows 11 ISO with integrated updates

Download Windows 11 insider preview build, get the tool which will download UUP files of Windows 11 from Microsoft server and create ISO file, Homebrew and original.

IMPORTANT: See instructions to build ISO and follow @quickfever on Instagram for updates

You might be able to install Windows 11 regardless of TPM TPM 2.0 requirement, on Laptops it works fine, learn to install Windows 11 on legacy BIOS.

Don’t install Windows 11 ISO from 3rd-party links of Google Drive, Zippyshare, Mediafire, AndroidFileHost they can be infected with bloatware such as pre-activated, links on this page leads to official Microsoft and copies without any change In file, an Activation is required.

Follow these steps to get your Windows 11 ISO.

  1. Download the appropriate tool (created by the folks from
  2. Extract the zip file by clicking right and selecting Extract all.
  3. Run the run UUP_download_windows.cmd file for Windows.
  4. Let the process complete, it’ll consume somewhere 3-4GB bandwidth, please read the step-by-step instructions.

Build Original Windows 11 ISO

Read this: many people still rely on the internet to download ISO from the internet which often led your PC to get infected, folks of UUPdump created this script that compiles ISO using original files obtained from Microsoft servers. It’s safe to use this tool from website only.

  1. Download the script from the links given above, use the 64-bit link to download 64-bit Windows 11 UUP files. Use the ARM link for ARM Windows insider preview ISO.
  2. Now extract the tool, right-click and select Extract All option.
  1. Open the extracted folder, run uup_download_windows file, this script is an automated script that will download all the files using the Aria2 program. This is necessary to download multiple files at once.
Run uup_download_windows.cmd

4. This will take some minutes, use a high-speed internet connection. you can see the progress inside the command prompt window and all the files that this tool download is from Microsoft server, so yes there is no involvement of third-party files.

Windows 10 insider latest ISO making using Command prompt
Downloads would be near 2-3GB. You can see files stored in /UUP folder.

note: If for some reason, you see an error in downloading, just close and start the tool again, it will skip downloaded files and confirm all files are downloaded.

5. The new version of the tool, automatically creates ISO from the files. We’ve optimized some settings to make the process even faster. For an estimated the tool will take less than 5 minutes to build ISO on your computer.

the tool roughly takes 5 minutes to create ISO from UUP files

6. Find the ISO file insider the Windows 11×64 folder. Now you can install Windows 11 by creating a bootable USB using a tool like Rufus.

the ISO file will be saved inside the folder

(Optional) Once the tool downloads all the files, this script will execute another tool that you can find inside the same folder. If you wish to manually trigger the ISO building process, please run the convert-UUP to start converting downloaded files to Windows 11 Insider preview ISO.

Frequently asked Windows 11 question

*These are some of the questions arriving with this build.

Right now this build requires the TPM 2.0 and secure boot function to be enabled along with a compatible processor. There are possibilities to work around this.

1. Copy the appraiserres.dll from the Windows 10 iso into the sources folder of Windows 11 iso. After that, you can install Windows 11 on your computer regardless of TPM support.

2. Use Rufus and Create a Windows-to-go installation. This is what I recommend with Windows 11 build, what you are doing is directly running Windows 11 from a USB drive.

Windows 11 review

We tested the build and we’re impressed with what Microsoft did with the start menu and brought us the rounded corners. Windows 11’s this build brings amazing new breathtaking Wallpaper and animations. Else is pretty much the same, or we’re yet to discover. Microsoft seems really inspired by the TaskbarX (which essentially centers the icons and makes the taskbar transparent).

Windows 11 build history

Use this space to track Windows 11 Insider builds. Newer builds are added to the top of the table.

  1. Please is there a way to bypass being kicked out of insider program.on windows 11 because i can no longer receive windows update??

    1. HI, You can clean install using this guide. Well, there is no need to sign-up or link MS account to get future updates from Beta Channel.


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