Windows 11 Compatible Laptop & Intel Processor List


Windows 11 has been uncovered, and thousands of PC already running the Insider builds. Most of the users have one common question “can my PC run Windows 11” and similar. The second question that adds up to the list is “what is TPM 2 and do I have it” yes! How to turn it on and if not how do I bypass TPM 2. We’ve answered these queries earlier.

WINDOWS 11: Let’s take a look at the recommended requirements.

  • CPU: 1 GHz or faster, Intel 8th generation CPU and newer (view full list)
  • RAM Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Storage: 60 GB
  • TPM: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0
  • Graphics card: DirectX 12 compatible graphics / WDDM 2.x
  • Display: 9-inch or higher display of 720p or higher

Well, we’re months before Windows 11 public release and one of the thousands who run Windows 11 on their main computer. If you are waiting to upgrade your Windows 10 to Windows 11 when they. Bennett, officially. Gets released. Well, sadly you can not do it until 2022. You have options though. Upgrade your Windows to 11 using the Windows 11 ISO. In short, you have a full year 2. Check how is Windows 11 and whether it can print on your PC before installing it on your computer or trying.

Microsoft released a Windows 10 Health check application to figure out if your PC can handle Windows 11, but since it received feedback that it is creating confusion among users, Microsoft temporarily took it down and might release it somewhere in July. keep an eye on this page

If you have a laptop or are looking to buy a new Windows 11 Ready laptop. You might wanna know if it can run Windows 11 when it arrives. In this article, we have compiled Windows 11 supported laptop list from support pages of various laptop manufacturers that can quickly tell you if the laptop you have and the one you want to buy can run Windows 11 without any issues.

Note: To be sure, check whatever laptop(s) you’re considering against Microsoft’s Windows 11 system requirements page before you buy!

Windows 11 Supported Intel Processors

The below list is from the Microsoft support page, for am processors see this link.

Intel Atom® x6200FEIntel Core i3-8145UEIntel Core i7-10710UIntel Pentium® Gold G6600Intel Xeon® Gold 5218R
Intel Atom® x6211EIntel Core i5-8265UIntel Core i7-10750HIntel Pentium® Gold G6605Intel Xeon® Gold 5218T
Intel Atom® x6212REIntel Core i5-8365UIntel Core i7-10810UIntel Pentium® 6805Intel Xeon® Gold 5220
Intel Atom® x6413EIntel Core i5-8365UEIntel Core i7-10850HIntel Pentium® J6426Intel Xeon® Gold 5220R
Intel Atom® x6414REIntel Core i7-8565UIntel Core i7-10870HIntel Pentium® N6415Intel Xeon® Gold 5220S
Intel Atom® x6425EIntel Core i7-8665UIntel Core i7-10875HIntel Pentium® Silver N6000Intel Xeon® Gold 5220T
Intel Atom® x6425REIntel Core i7-8665UEIntel Core i9-10850KIntel Pentium® Silver N6005Intel Xeon® Gold 5222
Intel Atom® x6427FEIntel Core i3-9100Intel Core i9-10885HIntel Pentium® Gold 7505Intel Xeon® Gold 6208U
Intel Celeron® G4900Intel Core i3-9100EIntel Core i9-10900Intel Xeon® Bronze 3104Intel Xeon® Gold 6209U
Intel Celeron® G4900TIntel Core i3-9100FIntel Core i9-10900EIntel Xeon® Bronze 3106Intel Xeon® Gold 6210U
Intel Celeron® G4920Intel Core i3-9100HLIntel Core i9-10900FIntel Xeon® Gold 5115Intel Xeon® Gold 6212U
Intel Celeron® G4930Intel Core i3-9100TIntel Core i9-10900KIntel Xeon® Gold 5118Intel Xeon® Gold 6222V
Intel Celeron® G4930EIntel Core i3-9100TEIntel Core i9-10900KFIntel Xeon® Gold 5119TIntel Xeon® Gold 6226
Intel Celeron® G4930TIntel Core i3-9300Intel Core i9-10900TIntel Xeon® Gold 5120Intel Xeon® Gold 6226R
Intel Celeron® G4932EIntel Core i3-9300TIntel Core i9-10900TEIntel Xeon® Gold 5120TIntel Xeon® Gold 6230
Intel Celeron® G4950Intel Core i3-9320Intel Core i9-10980HKIntel Xeon® Gold 5122Intel Xeon® Gold 6230N
Intel Celeron® J4005Intel Core i3-9350KIntel Core i3-1000G1Intel Xeon® Gold 6126Intel Xeon® Gold 6230R
Intel Celeron® J4105Intel Core i3-9350KFIntel Core i3-1000G4Intel Xeon® Gold 6126FIntel Xeon® Gold 6230T
Intel Celeron® J4115Intel Core i5-9300HIntel Core i3-1005G1Intel Xeon® Gold 6126TIntel Xeon® Gold 6238
Intel Celeron® N4000Intel Core i5-9300HFIntel Core i5-1030G4Intel Xeon® Gold 6128Intel Xeon® Gold 6238L
Intel Celeron® N4100Intel Core i5-9400Intel Core i5-1030G7Intel Xeon® Gold 6130Intel Xeon® Gold 6238T
Intel Celeron® 3867UIntel Core i5-9400FIntel Core i5-1035G1Intel Xeon® Gold 6130FIntel Xeon® Gold 6240
Intel Celeron® 4205UIntel Core i5-9400HIntel Core i5-1035G4Intel Xeon® Gold 6130TIntel Xeon® Gold 6240L
Intel Celeron® 4305UIntel Core i5-9400TIntel Core i5-1035G7Intel Xeon® Gold 6132Intel Xeon® Gold 6240R
Intel Celeron® 4305UEIntel Core i5-9500Intel Core i5-1038NG7Intel Xeon® Gold 6134Intel Xeon® Gold 6240Y
Intel Celeron® J4025Intel Core i5-9500EIntel Core i7-1060G7Intel Xeon® Gold 6136Intel Xeon® Gold 6242
Intel Celeron® J4125Intel Core i5-9500FIntel Core i7-1065G7Intel Xeon® Gold 6138Intel Xeon® Gold 6242R
Intel Celeron® N4020Intel Core i5-9500TIntel Core i7-1068NG7Intel Xeon® Gold 6138FIntel Xeon® Gold 6244
Intel Celeron® N4120Intel Core i5-9500TEIntel Core i3-L13G4Intel Xeon® Gold 6138PIntel Xeon® Gold 6246R
Intel Celeron® 5205UIntel Core i5-9600Intel Core i5-L16G7Intel Xeon® Gold 6138TIntel Xeon® Gold 6248
Intel Celeron® 5305UIntel Core i5-9600KIntel Core i5-11400Intel Xeon® Gold 6140Intel Xeon® Gold 6248R
Intel Celeron® G5900Intel Core i5-9600KFIntel Core i5-11400FIntel Xeon® Gold 6142Intel Xeon® Gold 6250
Intel Celeron® G5900EIntel Core i5-9600TIntel Core i5-11400TIntel Xeon® Gold 6142FIntel Xeon® Gold 6250L
Intel Celeron® G5900TIntel Core i7-9700Intel Core i5-11500Intel Xeon® Gold 6144Intel Xeon® Gold 6252
Intel Celeron® G5900TEIntel Core i7-9700EIntel Core i5-11500TIntel Xeon® Gold 6146Intel Xeon® Gold 6252N
Intel Celeron® G5905Intel Core i7-9700FIntel Core i5-11600Intel Xeon® Gold 6148Intel Xeon® Gold 6254
Intel Celeron® G5905TIntel Core i7-9700KIntel Core i5-11600KIntel Xeon® Gold 6148FIntel Xeon® Gold 6256
Intel Celeron® G5920Intel Core i7-9700KFIntel Core i5-11600KFIntel Xeon® Gold 6150Intel Xeon® Gold 6258R
Intel Celeron® G5925Intel Core i7-9700TIntel Core i5-11600TIntel Xeon® Gold 6152Intel Xeon® Gold 6262V
Intel Celeron® J6412Intel Core i7-9700TEIntel Core i7-11700Intel Xeon® Gold 6154Intel Xeon® Gold Gold 5218
Intel Celeron® J6413Intel Core i7-9750HIntel Core i7-11700FIntel Xeon® Platinum 8153Intel Xeon® Gold Gold 6238R
Intel Celeron® N6210Intel Core i7-9750HFIntel Core i7-11700KIntel Xeon® Platinum 8156Intel Xeon® Gold6246
Intel Celeron® N6211Intel Core i7-9850HIntel Core i7-11700KFIntel Xeon® Platinum 8158Intel Xeon® Goldv 6234
Intel Celeron® N4500Intel Core i7-9850HEIntel Core i7-11700TIntel Xeon® Platinum 8160Intel Xeon® Platinum 8253
Intel Celeron® N4505Intel Core i7-9850HLIntel Core i9-11900Intel Xeon® Platinum 8160FIntel Xeon® Platinum 8256
Intel Celeron® N5100Intel Core i9-8950HKIntel Core i9-11900FIntel Xeon® Platinum 8160TIntel Xeon® Platinum 8260
Intel Celeron® N5105Intel Core i9-9880HIntel Core i9-11900KIntel Xeon® Platinum 8164Intel Xeon® Platinum 8260L
Intel Celeron® 6305Intel Core i9-9900Intel Core i9-11900KFIntel Xeon® Platinum 8168Intel Xeon® Platinum 8260Y
Intel Celeron® 6305EIntel Core i9-9900KIntel Core i9-11900TIntel Xeon® Platinum 8170Intel Xeon® Platinum 8268
Intel Core i5-10210YIntel Core i9-9900KFIntel Core i3-1110G4Intel Xeon® Platinum 8176Intel Xeon® Platinum 8270
Intel Core i5-10310YIntel Core i9-9900KSIntel Core i3-1115G4Intel Xeon® Platinum 8176FIntel Xeon® Platinum 8276
Intel Core i5-8200YIntel Core i9-9900TIntel Core i3-1115G4EIntel Xeon® Platinum 8180Intel Xeon® Platinum 8276L
Intel Core i5-8210YIntel Core i9-9980HKIntel Core i3-1115GREIntel Xeon® Silver 4108Intel Xeon® Platinum 8280
Intel Core i5-8310YIntel Core i3-10100YIntel Core i3-1120G4Intel Xeon® Silver 4109TIntel Xeon® Platinum 8280L
Intel Core i7-10510YIntel Core i3-10110YIntel Core i3-1125G4Intel Xeon® Silver 4110Intel Xeon® Platinum 9221
Intel Core i7-8500YIntel Core i9-10900XIntel Core i5-11300HIntel Xeon® Silver 4112Intel Xeon® Platinum 9222
Intel Core m3-8100YIntel Core i9-10920XIntel Core i5-1130G7Intel Xeon® Silver 4114Intel Xeon® Platinum 9242
Intel Core i3-8100Intel Core i9-10940XIntel Core i5-1135G7Intel Xeon® Silver 4114TIntel Xeon® Platinum 9282
Intel Core i3-8100BIntel Core i9-10980XEIntel Core i5-1135G7Intel Xeon® Silver 4116Intel Xeon® Silver 4208
Intel Core i3-8100HIntel Core i3-10100Intel Core i5-1140G7Intel Xeon® Silver 4116TIntel Xeon® Silver 4209T
Intel Core i3-8100TIntel Core i3-10100EIntel Core i5-1145G7Intel Xeon® E-2124Intel Xeon® Silver 4210
Intel Core i3-8109UIntel Core i3-10100FIntel Core i5-1145G7EIntel Xeon® E-2124GIntel Xeon® Silver 4210R
Intel Core i3-8140UIntel Core i3-10100TIntel Core i5-1145GREIntel Xeon® E-2126GIntel Xeon® Silver 4210T
Intel Core i3-8300Intel Core i3-10100TEIntel Core i7-11370HIntel Xeon® E-2134Intel Xeon® Silver 4214
Intel Core i3-8300TIntel Core i3-10105Intel Core i7-11375HIntel Xeon® E-2136Intel Xeon® Silver 4214R
Intel Core i3-8350KIntel Core i3-10105FIntel Core i7-1160G7Intel Xeon® E-2144GIntel Xeon® Silver 4214Y
Intel Core i5+8400Intel Core i3-10105TIntel Core i7-1165G7Intel Xeon® E-2146GIntel Xeon® Silver 4215
Intel Core i5+8500Intel Core i3-10110UIntel Core i7-1165G7Intel Xeon® E-2174GIntel Xeon® Silver 4215R
Intel Core i5-8257UIntel Core i3-10300Intel Core i7-1180G7Intel Xeon® E-2176GIntel Xeon® Silver 4216
Intel Core i5-8259UIntel Core i3-10300TIntel Core i7-1185G7Intel Xeon® E-2176MIntel Xeon® W-2223
Intel Core i5-8260UIntel Core i3-10305Intel Core i7-1185G7EIntel Xeon® E-2186GIntel Xeon® W-2225
Intel Core i5-8269UIntel Core i3-10305TIntel Core i7-1185GREIntel Xeon® E-2186MIntel Xeon® W-2235
Intel Core i5-8279UIntel Core i3-10320Intel Pentium® Gold 4425YIntel Xeon® E-2224Intel Xeon® W-2245
Intel Core i5-8300HIntel Core i3-10325Intel Pentium® Gold 6500YIntel Xeon® E-2224GIntel Xeon® W-2255
Intel Core i5-8400Intel Core i5-10200HIntel Pentium® Gold G5400Intel Xeon® E-2226GIntel Xeon® W-2265
Intel Core i5-8400BIntel Core i5-10210UIntel Pentium® Gold G5400TIntel Xeon® E-2226GEIntel Xeon® W-2275
Intel Core i5-8400HIntel Core i5-10300HIntel Pentium® Gold G5420Intel Xeon® E-2234Intel Xeon® W-2295
Intel Core i5-8400TIntel Core i5-10310UIntel Pentium® Gold G5420TIntel Xeon® E-2236Intel Xeon® W-3223
Intel Core i5-8500Intel Core i5-10400Intel Pentium® Gold G5500Intel Xeon® E-2244GIntel Xeon® W-3225
Intel Core i5-8500BIntel Core i5-10400FIntel Pentium® Gold G5500TIntel Xeon® E-2246GIntel Xeon® W-3235
Intel Core i5-8500TIntel Core i5-10400HIntel Pentium® Gold G5600Intel Xeon® E-2254MEIntel Xeon® W-3245
Intel Core i5-8600Intel Core i5-10400TIntel Pentium® Gold G5600TIntel Xeon® E-2254MLIntel Xeon® W-3245M
Intel Core i5-8600KIntel Core i5-10500Intel Pentium® Gold G5620Intel Xeon® E-2274GIntel Xeon® W-3265
Intel Core i5-8600TIntel Core i5-10500EIntel Pentium® Silver J5005Intel Xeon® E-2276GIntel Xeon® W-3265M
Intel Core i7-8086KIntel Core i5-10500HIntel Pentium® Silver N5000Intel Xeon® E-2276MIntel Xeon® W-3275
Intel Core i7-8557UIntel Core i5-10500TIntel Pentium® Gold 4417UIntel Xeon® E-2276MEIntel Xeon® W-3275M
Intel Core i7-8559UIntel Core i5-10500TEIntel Pentium® Gold 5405UIntel Xeon® E-2276MLIntel Xeon® W-10855M
Intel Core i7-8569UIntel Core i5-10600Intel Pentium® Silver J5040Intel Xeon® E-2278GIntel Xeon® W-10885M
Intel Core i7-8700Intel Core i5-10600KIntel Pentium® Silver N5030Intel Xeon® E-2278GEIntel Xeon® W-1250
Intel Core i7-8700BIntel Core i5-10600KFIntel Pentium® Gold 6405UIntel Xeon® E-2278GELIntel Xeon® W-1250E
Intel Core i7-8700KIntel Core i5-10600TIntel Pentium® Gold G6400Intel Xeon® E-2286GIntel Xeon® W-1250P
Intel Core i7-8700TIntel Core i7-10510UIntel Pentium® Gold G6400EIntel Xeon® E-2286MIntel Xeon® W-1250TE
Intel Core i7-8750HIntel Core i7-10610UIntel Pentium® Gold G6400TIntel Xeon® E-2288GIntel Xeon® W-1270
Intel Core i7-8850HIntel Core i7-10700Intel Pentium® Gold G6400TEIntel Xeon® Bronze 3204Intel Xeon® W-1270E
Intel Core i3-8130UIntel Core i7-10700EIntel Pentium® Gold G6405Intel Xeon® Bronze 3206RIntel Xeon® W-1270P
Intel Core i5-8250UIntel Core i7-10700FIntel Pentium® Gold G6405TIntel Xeon® Gold 5215Intel Xeon® W-1270TE
Intel Core i5-8350UIntel Core i7-10700KIntel Pentium® Gold G6500Intel Xeon® Gold 5215LIntel Xeon® W-1290
Intel Core i7-8550UIntel Core i7-10700KFIntel Pentium® Gold G6500TIntel Xeon® Gold 5217Intel Xeon® W-1290E
Intel Core i7-8650UIntel Core i7-10700TIntel Pentium® Gold G6505Intel Xeon® Gold 5218BIntel Xeon® W-1290P
Intel Core i3-8145UIntel Core i7-10700TEIntel Pentium® Gold G6505TIntel Xeon® Gold 5218NIntel Xeon® W-1290T
Last updated 8th August 2021

Update 27 August 2021: Microsft added the following Intel 7th processors.

This was the Intel-supported processor’s list, if you have an AMD processor check that list as well.

Windows 11 compatible laptops: Acer

Acer provides its users with a support page that allows them to know which Acer machines are officially supported by Windows 11. In this article, we have summarized some of Acer’s most popular laptops that are officially compatible with Windows 11.

The list below shows the most popular Acer laptops with official Windows 11 support.

Windows 11 page

  • Acer Concept 5 Pro, 7, 3, 100
  • Acer Nitro 5
  • Acer Spin 1, 3, 5
  • Acer Swift 3
  • Acer Swift 3X
  • Acer Swift 5
  • Acer Predator Helios 300, 700
  • Acer Predator Triton 300, 500

Windows 11 compatible laptops: HP

HP has a support page to help their users knows which HP devices are officially Windows 11 supported. We have compiled a list of the most popular HP laptops with official Windows 11 support.

The list below shows the most popular HP laptops with official Windows 11 support.

Windows 11 page

  • HP Elite Dragonfly, HP EliteBook, EliteBook x360, Elite Folio
  • HP Envy 14, HP Envy 15, Envy x360 
  • HP Spectre Folio
  • HP Omen
  • HP Pavilion, Pavilion x360, Pavilion Gaming Laptop
  • HP ProBook, ProBook x360
  • HP Victus, HP Aero

Windows 11 Supported Snapdragon Processors

These snapdragon processors can run Windows 11 ARM64 edition.

Qualcomm®Snapdragon 850
Qualcomm®Snapdragon 7c
Qualcomm®Snapdragon 8c
Qualcomm®Snapdragon 8cx
Qualcomm®Snapdragon 8cx (Gen2)
Qualcomm®Microsoft SQ1
Qualcomm®Microsoft SQ2
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