Windows 11 Changelog and update tracker: all new features and changes

We help you get to know which features are coming in Windows 11, presenting you the Windows 11 changelog or an update tracker article.

Windows 11 is the next operating system from Microsoft and quite frankly, it is very impressive and won’t fail you. Microsoft said in a blog post that Windows 11 stable version will arrive later this year. Windows insider preview began on 28th June 2021.

We’ll get cumulative updates that ship with bug fixes, stability, and without any ground-breaking new features. While it is being released as the Insider program, it’s possible to gather up a list of the changelog. This guide will highlight new features and changelog as they make their way to the insider builds.

We’ll continue to update this article with new information, such as a changelog and new features. The builds are sorted from old to newer.

Windows 11

August 2722000.168Microsoft Chat in multiple language
Microsoft 365 Widget
August 19, 202122000.160New clock app, estimate update time added
August 12, 202122000.132Chat from Microsoft Teams for all
New sniping tool, calculator, Mail and Calendar
August 5, 202122000.120Family Safty widget
July 23, 2021 22000.100 Chat for some people
Updated taskbar hidden flyout
July 15, 202122000.71Minor release.
Context menu transparency.
File Explorer with New folder button.
July 8, 202122000.65Minor release.
Search on Start.
Context menu changes.
June 28, 202122000.51Major release.
New Start menu.
New taskbar.
New Action Center.
New Settings.
New File Explorer.
Snap layouts and groups.
Touch improvements.
WiFi 6E support.

1. Windows 11 build 22000.51

28th June, released in Dev channel.

Microsoft quickly released Windows 11 Insider Preview just after they announced it in an online event. The first public Beta Insider preview version was more than good enough that 50% of the users voted to install on a primary PC.

Since this was the first public beta in. Since this was the first Windows Insider Preview version of Windows 11, there was no changelog given.

2. Windows 11 build 22000.65

8th July, released in Dev channel. official changelog

  1. Built 220000.65 was released with good sets of improvements that include a comeback of the Refresh button and search bar.
  2. Taskbar is now enabled for multiple monitors.
  3. System alert dialog boxes design update such as Batter low.
  4. Power Mode settings under Power and batter page in Settings.
  5. Desktop, right click content menu brings back Refresh option.
  6. Snap layout update, Windows + . now includes GIF.
  7. Taskbar; Sound; Right-click; Troubleshoot option added.

3. Windows 11 build 22000.71

  1. Entertainment Widget for countries: US, UK, CA, DE, FR, AU, JP.
  2. Right-click context menu is updated with acrylic meterial design (before and after).
  3. Splitbutton functionality and Taskbar Previews (image)

4. Windows 11 build 22000.100

5. Feb 15, 2022 build 22000.100


  • New! Adds the clock and date to the all monitors
  • New! Adds weather content to the left side of the taskbar

Click here to create an ISO of this build with integrated updates.

Note: You can expect many features from the current Windows Insider branch since they are not version-specific, which means features from the development cycle may or may not make it to the final release. Talking about 20H2 expects no new features but the regular fixes to stabilize the version.

Windows 11 OS Details

Public name: Windows 11
Codename: Sun Valley / Cobalt
Release: End 2021

  • Start Menu: Centered start menu
  • Round Corners: Rounded corners everywhere.
  • Quick Access: New quick access buttons.
  • Android App support: Good bye Android emulators.


Windows is always the first choice for the majority of people as it’s very easy to use and everyone is already familiar with the way it works. Many people might argue that it’s not as stable as MacOS, but you also know that an Operating system partially depends on Hardware and it’s a tedious task for Microsoft to make Windows work on every machine regardless of the machine’s capabilities.

It is completely fine if you use Windows, there is no point in arguing about which Operating system is better, for someone with an ancient computer Linux is the best way to get things done while coders and developers prefer macOS.

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