20+ Netflix Codes to browse hidden categories


Netflix has already won millions of people heart; It is considered the best online streaming service that is enough for your thirsty eyeballs. This is a comprehensive guide that aims to teach you how to use Netflix Codes.

You will probably spend more time than ever on Netflix if you know how to find shows that may interest you. Fortunately, we have a secret to finding catalog based on hidden genre. In a nutshell, these are a couple of numbers when added in Permalink can help you find shows category or genre wise. We call them codes and this is an article to show you how you can use those secret codes in Netflix to fetch hidden catalogs.

Don’t be confused it is not a hack or anything similar, the best use of Netflix secret code it to open categories where you can find a particular type of TV shows or movies. By exploring stuff, you might like make it easier to add them to your Netflix list and maybe catch them the next time you start streaming. You might be an average Netflix or a die-hard Netflix-popcorn fan, both segments of users can find a bunch of hidden categories in succinct.

Netflix did a little work to make it easier by placing sub-category under A main category, like with this Si-Fi genre. However, these are not the only sub-genre of Sci-Fi, check others below.

how to use netflix codes

How You can use Hidden URL’S, Figuratively.

We need to use the Address bar, and of course, only a Web Browser appears to have that. So it will not work with any Desktop App or Mobile App of Netflix (Since they already have some genre in the sidebar).

What you need is a Web Browser to log into your Netflix account, notice the URL in address would be like this: www.netflix.com/browse/genre/#####.

How to enter Netflix code

The digits, at last, are the important here, below are a few example of genres you can visit just by replacing that number with the following codes.

  • All Si-Fi TV Shows: 1372
  • Science and Nature TV: 52780
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy (All): 1492
  • 1568 – Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 3327 – Alien Sci-Fi
  • 47147 – Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 4734 – Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 9744 – Fantasy Movies
  • 6926 – Sci-Fi Adventure
  • 3916 – Sci-Fi Dramas
  • 1694 – Sci-Fi Horror Movies
  • 11014 – Sci-Fi Thrillers
  • 6485 – Foreign Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • 1402 – Late night comedies
  • 11177 – TV Cartoons
  • 9584 – Spy Action & Adventure
  • 6384 – Tearjerkers
  • 46576 – Classic Action & Adventure
  • 67673 – Disney
  • 7700 – Westerns
  • 5507 – Animal Tales
  • 67673 – Disney
  • 32473 – Classic foreign movies
  • 10256 – Slapstick comedies

As you can the some of the genres, you can not find under a master genre by browsing through the Navigation pages in Netflix. That is a reasonable step to show the most appropriate sub-genre to you. However, just so you can know, there are much more sub-genre available in Netflix, you should just know it is there just need to be visited. So the above tricks is an easy way to find or stumble Shows or Movies you may not find otherwise. For people looking for more genre codes can check this page. See you at Netflix, wait, figuratively.

Netflix is (being frankly) a time sucking but we bet there is no other way to enjoy Shows at your home with comfort and watch anything, making misdeeds and all. I started watching Netflix with the one-month free trial and trust me I might late publishing an article but never late paying Netflix payment.

Devendra is currently catching up the “The series of Unfortunate Events” and some other shows. And for those out there struggling with the streaming quality, press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S, and override the quality and content delivery network. Watching with official Netflix desktop app is a way to watch in full HD, just for the infromation Chrome supports streaming but not more than 720P so you better use the official Netflix app, specially if you have a higher resolution monitor.

That’s all for now. Meanwhile I’m collecting some Netflix tricks and hacks and will publish them near soon, stay tuned.