The Best Hulu vs Netflix Comparison Guide (Revised 2017)

The Best Hulu vs. Netflix Comparison Guide

Here we discuss and compare the Netflix and the Hulu plus streaming service. And will try to tell why you can switch to them and how much they are worth your bandwidth and time and of course money. We are talking about subscription based websites where you can watch movies. Any device with an Internet connection would be able to stream; that’s all you need for your thirsty eyeballs.

Hulu Plus

Netflix is probably the best competitor of the Hulu, which launched with partnering with some Television networks including ABC, CW, Fox, MTV, NBC, Comedy Central and Univision. Hulu is one thing that no other service can claim that the current episodes of TV now broadcasts shows generally one day after they are broadcast. Like Netflix, Hulu has also started investing in original content, but none of them show a “must watch” House of Cards or something like a courageous seal. Movie offerings are smaller than Netflix, but the selection criteria from the collection boasting Hulu earns points.

Much of Hulu’s content can be viewed for free on your computer, but the consoles or other devices, which runs $ 7.99 per month and will require a paid account. Annoyingly, it does not remove the ads from the show to pay the money, and there is no way to do so for now.

Where is falls short:

In the starting plan there will be commercials, which might interrupt things if you’re a no fan of ads between watching shows. You will be little miffed as for each half hour of streaming you’re a subject to watch ~15 seconds advertisements. The $11.99 plan is a way called “commercial free”, but again you might miss a few shows in the commercial free plan.


Netflix is one big company when it comes to watching movies online. It has the numerous number of advantages, suggestion based on your interest, resume from where you left off, Kid profile and thousands of series and movies to watch plus plenty of amazing original Netflix serials. It does offer exclusive content very often,

I don’t know, but Netflix was one of the forced installed apps in Windows 10-anniversary update which is otherwise good if you are seeking an option to watch Hollywood movies online and And of course suspense drama based serial like the “stranger things” which is a Netflix’s original program. Also, they released some movies like “the fundamental caring of love” starring the ant-man hero and Selena Gomez. Watching through Netflix on your different devices should not be a problem as Netflix has dedicated applications for such platforms and operating systems. If your concern is internet speed, fortunately, a slow network would not stop you from watching shows and movies on Netflix without interruptions, though the quality may be lower on slow connections.

Moreover, Netflix is known to frequently release new original series, did I forgot to say, breathtaking and fantastic word? At the time of writing this article, I’ve watched the new “TrollHunters” that is sure will be a hit animation series. And how can not I mention the “The unfortunate stories” the one of it’s own kind?

Netflix plans starts are the following.

Basic (streaming) $8 1 Screen
Standard (streaming) $10 2 Screen
Premium (streaming) $12 4 Screen

Here is a brief information

Netflix has 2x content selection compared to Amazon Video, While Hulu Plus streams most-current series but lacking top rated shows compared to Netflix and Amazon prime video. While Netflix does have the most exclusive content.

The test ride

If you like to see which video streaming service might be the best for yourself, you can start at both as free trial,

The Alternatives

Windows Store: One of the biggest store where some can find TV series, Movies, Games and Apps. Let Games and Apps aside and talk about the Movies and serials.

So you can buy new movies in Blu-ray quality as soon as they are available. Moreover, you can search TV serials by channels, can see some sort of a serial’s all season episodes list with names. You can buy an episode and watch it in HD or SD quality.  For example, if you wanted to watch from CW channel serials like the arrow and the flash, even the Legends of tomorrow or Supergirl (which I do not like personally). But that’s up to you, watch anything you like.

Amazon Video Prime is also a new entry in this streaming world and offers thousand of programs to watch. It began with a deal with HBO, so it’s catalog is pretty much significant as it includes all the classic content from the HBO.

So unlike you would want to watch those free available old movies on the internet if you see the new films would be better and for that, the paid subscription based service are the best option.

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