10 Alternative PC Operating Systems

No need to get bored with typical Windows 10 and dull Linux OS.

An operating system is the spark of a computer, there are situations where you yearn for an alternative OS. Microsoft Windows is great and the majority of users prefer using it. Every operating system has their features and user experience. This is our take on alternative PC operating systems; download and boot from a USB drive.

This article is for people with moderate to higher-end computers that is helpful to easily run below mentioned alternative operating systems.

Look, I am a die-hard fan of Microsoft’s Windows 10, yet I moved to different Operating systems over time. Nonetheless, it was fun. You should try these operating systems on your computer. You may be aware of some mentioned OS; Let’s begin the showdown of your next possible alternative operating system, which you can truly enjoy.

Deepin / Elementary OS

get deepin, elementryOS

Deepin is a reinterpretation of creativity, originality and now with a unified design. And the Elementry OS’s interface is simple. Both OS are only a revival of the system looks, but also a brand-new ascent to the operating experience!

deepin 20 screenshot

Chrome OS

This is a completely different PC operating system, Chrome OS is worth a shot, we already how you can install Chrome OS on your computer. So If you are a person who does everything online, Chrome OS will catch your requirements and won’t left you with anything. If you just work online and you care less about other elements of an operating system you may want to try out the Chromium operating system.

By using Chrome OS, you will always get the latest version of Google Chrome as well by default. Besides, there are Besides there are thousands of apps and extensions in the Google Chrome store. So basically you can do almost everything with those apps. If you do spend a lot of time on the Internet, Chrome/Chromium Os will give you a new home. Not all data cards may not support by Chrome OS; however, any Lan network will work flawlessly.

Chromium by Arnoldthebat (Chrome OS)

Get it and burn it to a USB drive and boot from it.

Chrome OS is officially available only on Chromebooks, laptops which are sold pre-installed with Chrome OS. If you need a clean and familiar interface and your daily routine on the computer is around Chrome browser this can be a good operating system. Talking about installing, all you need to download the OS image file (IMG) and burn it on a USB device using a USB utility tool such as “Win32 Image writer” to boot it on your computer.

Although its a great OS for internet users but it does require more resources of your machine and thus this should not be considered to install on a decade old computer.

Chromium OS
Chromium OS

Chrome OS is undoubtedly the best operating system for people who live on the Chrome browser. It was built around the Chrome browser in the first place, and now it does more than, i.e., running Android apps but that’s limited to real Chromebooks. If you’d like to taste the Chrome OS on your typical computer, there are multiple ways to do so.


Ubuntu is a popular operating system, a completely different operating system from Windows and mac. One can get used to it after spending some time tinkering daily. The system image size is around 2GB for an x64 machine, and you just need to download the ISO and using tools you can quickly make a bootable USB drive or Live CD. Once you are done making the bootable drive of Ubuntu, restart your computer. When your PC is booting press F12/F9/Del to choose the boot device. However, on your computer, there might need to press another key to load the boot menu and select the external media to boot.

That’s right! Nothing can beat Ubuntu, and it’s fast and organized, that’s true. Ubuntu comes pre-loaded with several apps like GIMP, VLC, Firefox, etc. The latest version of Ubuntu is 20.04 which requires at least 2GB’s of RAM. However, you can download older Ubuntu version(external) if your computer has lower RAM. We’ve also reviewed 5 other best Ubuntu-based Linux distros you can install, as it’s Linux based and is one of the most popular operating systems, but there are other alternatives also as well. You need basic knowledge of installing an operating system on your computer. Ubuntu is not a very addictive OS for average users coming from Windows.
A 13-year-old kid finds easier to learn operating Windows compared to Ubuntu.

Ubuntu alternatives.
There are many operating systems based on Ubuntu. Like budgie-remix(external)which comes with modified layout and features. They do not contain full version and features as seen on Ubuntu. Lubuntu, which is the lightweight by cutting down extra features, for example.

PC Operating Systems

Android Operating Systems

Remix os is a furnished Android operating system based on Android x86 project. And has almost all significant design similarities to Windows. both Remix OS and Phoenix OS are a free operating system that is based on the Android operating system.

PC Operating Systems


Well, you can not legally install the Mac OSX on your laptop or computer, Apple does not want you to install MacOS on your typical Computers. Wait, TonyMacx86 (external link)  is a great place to start looking up for instruction to install MAC os on your computer.

PC Operating Systems

React OS

React OS is an open source operating system and supports Windows applications, even looks like windows. Surprisingly this only needs 500MB of space and 100MB of RAM, (Note: we have also added ReactOS to OS list for OLD PC’s Article)

You can go we use ReactOS if you want an alternative operating system or let your computer use minimum hardware resources. For example, if you have 4 GB RAM and running on Windows 10 it will occupy almost 50% of it, but the best lightweight operating system only requires hundred MB of ram.

PC Operating Systems

Kali Linux

Ok, you are not a hacker type hacker, but you should try this powerful “Kali” thing. Most of the people simply use it to ‘try hacking a neighbor’s wifi’. Apart from it, you can install it on your hard disk or can temporarily boot from USB.

There is also a lightweight variant of Kali Linux on the download page. Download the Kali standard/lite variant from the following link.

Cub Linux

Discontinued GitHub project Cub Linux.

CubLinux is based on Linux and can be installed on a USB with persistence storage so that changes will be saved. Read more about Chromium OS for computers. I’m currently using it as a second operating system on my notebook, and like real Chromebooks, all you need is an internet connection through Wifi or LAN, and you’re good to go. However, this project is discontinued, but you can still download and use it from this link. Cub Linux is without hesitation a recommended operating system from Quickfever even when the project is discontinued. You can still use their GitHub page to download ISO file.

Linux based operating system


This seems little interesting to me, it doesn’t have the ball and whistle but does the work. The interface is minimalist but you won’t miss anything and overall it looks really beautiful. When you press the Windows key it arranges all opened windows in grid interface which is something similar to the Windows 10’s task view.


It’s the official project and is a lightweight OS for those seeking a lighter Ubuntu alternative. It is an Ubuntu derivative that uses fewer resources and is energy efficient. All those keynote features make it a lightweight operating system, but please be aware, the lightweight term isn’t appropriate here. But it is more light if we compare it to the official Ubuntu and energy and resources demand. For sure, there are many other ultra lightweight and fast Linux distributions, like DSL, but those are not Ubuntu derivatives or based on it. It used LXDE desktop environment. Requirement: around two gigs of RAM.

Pixel OS

Requirement: i386 architecture, 512 MB RAM, Only 32-bit. | Instructions for installation.

In past to run Pixel OS, A Raspberry Pi is required which itself is a cheap machine. Last year (Last 2016) Pixel OS is released for x86 devices. All you have to download the image file, make a Bootable USB and boot straight into Pixel OS.

Papyros OS

Material design based Linux distribution alpha version (no installer).

Material Design Operating System and was previously listed at #4 on this list. The Papyros looks very identical to Chrome OS, so you can try any unofficial Chrome operating system. This Operating system is hard to install, and you need to go to their official website and carefully follow instructions — there is no ISO or any installer available at this point of the time. You’ll need Archlinux to test this. I suggest you skip to the next operating System. (*Arch Linux is a tiny Linux OS that is totally command based when you boot it for the first time allowing space to mold it as you like).

Fast PC Operating System

Elementary OS

The elementary operating system is a fast and open replacement if you are using Windows or Mac. Besides, it is not very light regarding size but has more flexibility. It is open source and has a dedicated community. Elementary OS is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit version. For example, if you are downloading the 64-bit version it is about 1.1GB. The download page opens with an option to pay before you download, but just you can enter a value as ‘0’ to download the operating system without pay anything. (but if you like the efforts and the os, support them by paying some bucks.)

Light and Fast PC Operating System

Zorin OS

Zorin OS is one of the few Linux distros that I actually liked, It reminds and maybe the combination of the appearance of Windows 10 and Windows 7, but even better. You might have a rough time while installing graphics drivers as per your computer hardware, but there are tutorials about them.

Despite, you’ll get such a nice user interface, where most of the settings and functions are one or two clicks away. Such as the start menu contains the shortcut to Settings, software and power options. Sound like Windows 7, hell yeah. Overall the interface is decent and more of modern design. It comes with some apps like Chromium browser, Wine to play Windows apps, office, utilities and some games built-in.

Older windows

I know Microsoft has been forcing older Windows users to it is latest, so-called perfect Windows 10 edition. Guess what, some of you may have even running on it already. It occupies and uses more resources than ever before, and lot’s of modern UI app comes with With Windows 10. For example, the 3D builder is useless, at least for me at this point. Moreover, those Skype, OneDrive, peoples, Phone companion, XBox, and Groove are forced in Windows 10. okay, Groove Music is fresh, not others.  Also, Windows 10 forces users to automatic updates. It is recommended that you downgrade your Windows an older version such as “XP” which was and is famous till the date. No fuss when using Windows XP.

Final Words.

Did you decide an alternative operating system to try asap on your computer? That is good, don’t forget to make a backup of your important files, especially files that are located inside the local Disc C:/. One good thing is these computer operating systems are totally free (except Windows7), mean you do not have to pay for activation or subscription. However, you can donate if you like to support the developers.

  1. there are so many paranoids to believe that,never has been proven that it is actually ever happened th

    Lol i removed win10 and put 7 back on as w10 wouldnt stop chatting to other pcs…
    Win7 barely talks..
    Win7 on ssd is also freaking amazing. Boots in 4 seconds.

    TLDR: wikileaks proved the above assclown wrong.

    FYI: did you know MS actually gets paid by the cia to leave backdoors open, as do apple, google, facebook. amazon.
    If you dont beleive me post your emai publicly l, ill send you an american-made present

    1. Windows 7 is the best, and also doesn’t look like the worst version of windows ever, windows 8

  2. omg,Windows 7 ? really ? u must be joking,right ? what a stupid,that was,is and will remain the worst windows ever made til this date and i used them all,starting with windows 3.1,if u even heard of it,windows 7 was and is the most slower windows in history,the 1 that uses the most ram in any pc,u say that windows 7 runs on older pc than windows 10 can ?

    windows 10 really runs on olders pc than windows 7,i did tryed it and it works,why is that ? coz actually windows 10 need less ram than it’s brother 7, another fact,windows 10 runs much faster in all ways possible than 7,that u believe than MS is stealing data or info from ur pc with win10…

    u must be from USA,only there are so many paranoids to believe that,never has been proven that it is actually ever happened that,how much win7 need to fully load ? do u have any idea ? no ? well start ur clock and check it,to me that 1 was fully loaded around 5 mins or longer,i always have lots of programs in windows,how much with win10 ? any idea ? i am talking about no fast restart in win10…well,something ? no ? of course not,i tell u,around 30 secs,1 min tops,how many bluescreens have u seen in win7 ? i will tell u that i lost number,how many in win10 ? i really have to think for long time if i ever saw 1, well,u can stay stuck on ur win7,which it means u r not a real pc user,and i will tell u,not even if MS itself would pay me 1 million bucks i would not stay wit that nightmare called win7.

    1. I get that, you point is you prefer Windows 10 over windows 7.

      And you have something personal with Windows 7. I get that too.

      Thank you for your comment.

    2. Look bro, I’ve been in this track for more than 20 years, I’ve used nearly all versions of windows (Starting from DOS Command-line to GUI, including WinMe, which I liked the most for UI, LongHorn – the per-release of Vista and other time to time beta), I’ve used Macintosh Classic with a Black&White monitor & 2mb of RAM 😀
      At the same time I was using Dell-PC with 12″ B&W monitor with 64k RAM, you know that monitor still works (of course in very low resolution), I’ve kept that as a token of my glorious past…
      Well I don’t wanna argue with you in question of Win7 vs Win10, actually there is nothing to argue: some lighter version of Win7 works even faster than WinXP and has much more capability of utilizing the hardware well. (As Microsoft was in a difficult situation with the most resource hungry WindowsOS, Vista, they have been forced to make Win7 to work faster in low configured hardware, and here situation is not same in case of Win10)
      Besides, Win7 has more compatibility issues which Win10 doesn’t have, its because Win10 not intended to work in slower – back dated Machines.

      1. Windows 7 is still compatible with everything though and only needs 64mb of ram if running on 500mb ram card and windows 7 is a hell of a lot better than the stupid metro, xbox looking windows 10, and windows 7 is much better for a desktop environment, and there is no stupid Cortana or spyware from Microsoft on it either.

    3. Windows 7 will always be better than the Windows 8 looking Windows 10, windows is supposed to be for desktops not for metro apps and a siri like Cortana, and all of this bloatware and spyware crap.

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