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10 Alternative PC Operating Systems

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  1. says:

    omg,Windows 7 ? really ? u must be joking,right ? what a stupid,that was,is and will remain the worst windows ever made til this date and i used them all,starting with windows 3.1,if u even heard of it,windows 7 was and is the most slower windows in history,the 1 that uses the most ram in any pc,u say that windows 7 runs on older pc than windows 10 can ?

    windows 10 really runs on olders pc than windows 7,i did tryed it and it works,why is that ? coz actually windows 10 need less ram than it’s brother 7, another fact,windows 10 runs much faster in all ways possible than 7,that u believe than MS is stealing data or info from ur pc with win10…

    u must be from USA,only there are so many paranoids to believe that,never has been proven that it is actually ever happened that,how much win7 need to fully load ? do u have any idea ? no ? well start ur clock and check it,to me that 1 was fully loaded around 5 mins or longer,i always have lots of programs in windows,how much with win10 ? any idea ? i am talking about no fast restart in win10…well,something ? no ? of course not,i tell u,around 30 secs,1 min tops,how many bluescreens have u seen in win7 ? i will tell u that i lost number,how many in win10 ? i really have to think for long time if i ever saw 1, well,u can stay stuck on ur win7,which it means u r not a real pc user,and i will tell u,not even if MS itself would pay me 1 million bucks i would not stay wit that nightmare called win7.

    1. Devendra says:

      I get that, you point is you prefer Windows 10 over windows 7.

      And you have something personal with Windows 7. I get that too.

      Thank you for your comment.

    2. Look bro, I’ve been in this track for more than 20 years, I’ve used nearly all versions of windows (Starting from DOS Command-line to GUI, including WinMe, which I liked the most for UI, LongHorn – the per-release of Vista and other time to time beta), I’ve used Macintosh Classic with a Black&White monitor & 2mb of RAM 😀
      At the same time I was using Dell-PC with 12″ B&W monitor with 64k RAM, you know that monitor still works (of course in very low resolution), I’ve kept that as a token of my glorious past…
      Well I don’t wanna argue with you in question of Win7 vs Win10, actually there is nothing to argue: some lighter version of Win7 works even faster than WinXP and has much more capability of utilizing the hardware well. (As Microsoft was in a difficult situation with the most resource hungry WindowsOS, Vista, they have been forced to make Win7 to work faster in low configured hardware, and here situation is not same in case of Win10)
      Besides, Win7 has more compatibility issues which Win10 doesn’t have, its because Win10 not intended to work in slower – back dated Machines.

      1. Jake says:

        Windows 7 is still compatible with everything though and only needs 64mb of ram if running on 500mb ram card and windows 7 is a hell of a lot better than the stupid metro, xbox looking windows 10, and windows 7 is much better for a desktop environment, and there is no stupid Cortana or spyware from Microsoft on it either.

    3. Jake says:

      Windows 7 will always be better than the Windows 8 looking Windows 10, windows is supposed to be for desktops not for metro apps and a siri like Cortana, and all of this bloatware and spyware crap.

  2. hanz stdorf says:

    there are so many paranoids to believe that,never has been proven that it is actually ever happened th

    Lol i removed win10 and put 7 back on as w10 wouldnt stop chatting to other pcs…
    Win7 barely talks..
    Win7 on ssd is also freaking amazing. Boots in 4 seconds.

    TLDR: wikileaks proved the above assclown wrong.

    FYI: did you know MS actually gets paid by the cia to leave backdoors open, as do apple, google, facebook. amazon.
    If you dont beleive me post your emai publicly l, ill send you an american-made present

    1. Jake says:

      Windows 7 is the best, and also doesn’t look like the worst version of windows ever, windows 8