Chrome OS Flex: Review, installation guide, and download links

Chrome OS flex is an operating system, to put it simply it’s the official Chrome OS that comes pre-installed on Chromebooks, Chrome OS flex is intended for laptops and computers. Google announced the developer preview of Chrome OS flex (also known as Cloudready 2.0) and said current Cloudready 1 devices will automatically update to stable Flex OS.

Google acquired Nerverware (the company that created Cloudready) in late 2020, and now it seems that Google is all set to compete with Windows and other desktop operating systems. Google’s Chrome OS Flex is, like CloudReady’s original product, but now an identical version of Chrome OS with the same interface and features you get on Chromebooks. In addition to Google Assistant, Chrome OS Flex also offers Smart Lock, Instant Tethering, and Nearby Sharing. Don’t forget to check the hidden Voice dictation (similar to voice access in Windows 11) in Accessibility features, once enabled press Win+D to write with your voice giving an easy alternative to online voice-to-text tools.

Links to Chrome OS BIN ISO file can be found below, to help you create a bootable USB of fully-fledged Chrome OS Flex. You can also use the Chromebook Utility tool to create bootable USB using the offline installer of Chrome OS flex.(Chrome OS usually in form of .BIN file where Windows comes in .ISO file)

The good news, we were able to extract the operating system image file (.bin file) during the USB creation. Download the Chrome OS flex (.bin) 1GB file and burn it using a tool like Rufus to quickly create Chrome OS flex bootable media.


Chrome OS flex OS file
Filename: chromeos_146584.0.0_reven_recovery_dev-channel_mp-v2-quickfever.bin
Filesize: 1GB

Or if you want to use the official method, here are the instructions.

  1. Install Chromebook utility tool, it is a Chrome extension that you can download using the Chrome web browser.
  2. Once installed open the Chromebook Utility tool, and click on get started.
    • (if you have the BIN file) From the Setting icon, click Use local image and browse the file you’ve downloaded.
  3. Now click, select a model from a list, in manufacturer select Chrome OS flex and select Developer-unstable.
  4. Plug a USB drive at least 8 GB of storage and proceed to burn it.
  5. After a couple of minutes, the tool will download, extract and copy all the files to a USB drive.
  6. Now boot with this USB to a computer and run Chrome OS flex.
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Screenshot of Chrome OS flex

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Chrome OS flex install guide

First of all, you’ve two options.

  1. [Boot directly from USB] Use the operating system from the USB drive without having to install it on your computer. This way your current OS will remain intact and you can go back with a simple reboot.
  2. [Install on Hard Disc] Install it on your hard disc this will wipe your entire internal storage. This will remove any (installed) Operating system from your computer and you’ll only have Chrome OS Flex. If you wish to go back to another OS, you’ve to create a bootable USB and install your preferred OS over again, a simple guide can be found here.

PS: Google made it clear that by default you cannot dual boot Chrome OS flex with any other operating system but it is possible since it is just a game of commands and strings. If you successfully booted Chrome OS flex with another OS please reach us.

Article changelog.

Update 4/2022: Chrome OS version 102 is released. Build
Update 25/3/2022: New Chrome OS version 100 links are added.

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  1. “Google made it clear that by default you cannot dual boot Chrome OS flex with any other operating system but it is possible since it is just a game of commands and strings.”

    Devendra, I’m still struggling and can’t dual-boot Chrome os flex and Debian bookworm even from dual ssd setup where in each os sits on its own drive. bro, please suggest workarounds, if any.

    1. I’ve searched a bit about it, people having multiple discs are not able to dual boot, as plugging Chrome OS flex disc will perhaps give you “Your system is repairing itself. Please Wait” message

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