How to Create Multiple Amazon Prime Video Watchlist


Amazon Prime video has been adding more content to consume. Recently they have added the flash and the Supergirl on Prime Video India. And meanwhile, I thought I would write more about the Amazon Prime video watchlist and how you add, edit and remove items from it. Prime Video users can watch stuff in 4K and 1080P on their computer and TV, not getting good quality ehhh? check how to change Video Stream Quality for Amazon Prime Video.

This guide will help in managing your Amazon Prime Watchlist and we will also answer some frequently asked questions like Where is my watchlist on Amazon Prime Video

Add items to Prime Video Watchlist Windows App and Browser

Prime Video app is available on Windows 10 from the Microsoft store allowing a better experience than visiting Prime Video through the web browser. Similarly if using Prime Video on a TV see option 2. The guide given below applies to both, even though they share the same user interface.

  1. Open Prime Video on TV, Desktop app or browser.
  2. complete sign in.
  3. Click on a video title.
  4. Add an item with the “Add to watchlist” button.

#1. Open Prime video application on your Windows computer, I just visited it on a normal web browser.

After clicking on your favorite TV show or movie, you will see this option, out of which you have to choose to Add to Watch List. We are adding this movie to our Watchlist.

Prime Video app screenshot add season to watchlist button

Remove items from Prime Video Watchlist

  1. Open Prime Video on TV, Desktop app or browser.
  2. complete sign in.
  3. Click on a video title.
  4. Add an item with the “Remove from watchlist” button.
  5. Visit Watchlist page to manage items you added over time.

Visit this link if using a browser

(Option 1 Windows/TV/Browser) Once you click Add season to Watchlist, it’ll become remove season from Watchlist. As soon as you finish watching the show you can remove it from your Prime Video Watchlist.

Prime Video app screenshot remove season to watchlist button

(Option 2 TV/Desktop App) From the sidebar (in Prime Video App Windows) click on the last “Your Watchlist” button to access it. Once you are on the page you can filter out TV shows and movies you can then remove stuff you’re done with. Removing a TV show movie from your watchlist is quite obvious you can do that from your watchlist by clicking the remove button below each TV show or movie.

Prime Video app screenshot watchlist

(Web browser only) When you are accessing Prime Video from a web browser click on a profile and select Your watchlist opens the page where you manage your watchlist.

Prime Video app screenshot your watchlist button menu

How To Create an Amazon Prime Video Watchlist on Android

A watchlist for each Amazon Prime Video is there by default you can add as many items to it. Here is how to add TV shows to the Prime video watchlist on Android App.

How to create multiple Amazon Prime video watchlist

Right now it is not possible to create more than one watch list, this is to prevent mess. Think if you had an option to create multiple watchlists it will be so hard for you to track what to watch and possibly get overwhelmed. But if you think technically it is possible to create multiple watchlists by creating profiles.

How to delete items from your Prime video watch Watchlist

As we have shown above it’s possible to remove an item from the items page or from the watchlist page. After you have added TV shows to your Prime Video Watchlist, now when you want to remove them, we will see how you can go about doing it. The most convenient way to see this is on My Watch List, where you’ll find all the content you’ve added at one time. To remove any movie title, click the remove button at the bottom which will remove your items from your watchlist.

The amazon prime watchlist disappeared

There should be at least one item on your watch list. Essentially, this isn’t possible because every Amazon Prime Video profile comes with a default watchlist that you cannot delete or change. The watchlist lets you keep track of your favorite movies and TV shows so that you can access them quickly now it back and enjoy at home while enjoying popcorn.

Amazon prime watchlist limit

There is currently no limit on TV and movies you can add to the Watchlist. Let’s talk about how many titles can be added to the watch list, although there is no official limit, so you can add as many titles as you want, but we recommend don’t add too many things to the watchlist because then this feature will not be of any importance.

How to find a watchlist on amazon prime on tv

The user interface for Amazon Prime video is similar on TV and desktop application so you might want to refer to the above desktop app steps to find your watchlist.

How to add to watchlist on amazon prime on tv

Click on any or item you wish to add to your Wishlist by clicking the “add to watchlist” button near the Play button. If you have Amazon Alexa in your TV, then you can add the titles to Watchlist using voice command. Talk “Alexa, add this movie to wathclist” while being on the titles page.

Amazon prime watchlist not working

Possible scenario means can be you do not have a good quality internet connection. And your account may be logged in to more devices than Amazon Prime Video allows, try logging out on every device which you don’t use.

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