Download WordPress 6.2 and 6.1 Official Download links

WordPress 6.2 | March 29, 2023

WordPress 6.2 is the first big release of 2023, it contains over 900 enhancements and bug fixes.

New features in WordPress 6.2

  1. Redesigned Site Editor.
  2. The navigation block now supports editing menus.
  3. The block inserter (the + icon at the Left top in the post editor) has become more useful. Quickly drag and Drop recent Gallery photos to the post.
  4. Dedicated styles tab for blocks.
  5. A complete distraction-free mode using CTRL + SHIFT + \
  6. Custom CSS, copy-paste Styles, and performance improvement.

WordPress 6.1 / Nov 2022

Released in May 2022, WordPress 6.1 comes with enhancements and bug fixes.

New features in WordPress 6.1

  1. Select text in multiple blocks
  2. Type two [[ to access the link menu to easy article link insertion.

WordPress 5.5

WordPress 5.5 is released on August 11, 2020. You can update your WordPress version. The version brings the most stable Gutenberg block editor. For those who are unaware Guttenberg its a post editor that will replace the classic editor. It will be new for most of us, but eventually, everybody will get used to it. For those who want to use the classic editor can download the Classic Editor plugin.

In this article, you’ll learn more about this new version and how to download WordPress 5.5 and update your website.

Download WordPress 5.0

WordPress version 5.0 will feature a new default theme called twenty-twenty. All the old themes are Gutenberg-compatible. If you wish to Download WordPress (.zip) on your computer to update on your site manually, here are the links.

Download Latest WordPress

After I research a little bit, I found that you can’t always download the latest version (I seriously mean the latest) of WordPress from this link.

Download WordPress 6.1 Stable Zip

Download WordPress 6.1 RC5 Zip

Download this WordPress 6 and 6.1 for self-hosted WordPress.

How to update to WordPress

Warning: Make a backup of database tools > Export.

  1. Update all the themes and plugins to their latest version and disable unwanted plugins.
  2. Visit your WordPress website and open this page.

Upgrade to a beta version by installing this plugin and check for updates.

You’ll be asked to update WordPress to version 5.5, click update. Hope you like this article.

WordPress 6.3 and 6.4 Release Date

WordPress has a great team of developers who are keen to Make WordPress a better CMS. These are the estimated time of the following WordPress version’s release date.

6.3August 2023
6.4November 2023

Which VPS to choose for WordPress

The most common DIY VPS are DigitalOcean, Vultr, and Linode.

DigitalOcean starts at $5 a month, and you can use Runcloud or even powerful Cyberpanel to install WordPress. So depending on your setup, you could be looking at a cost of between $5 to $15 or more a month. The DIY approach can cut costs, but it also means that you are responsible if something breaks, and for optimizing your server for performance. The DIY approach can be great, but it can also backfire on you if you aren’t careful. Don’t go this route just because you want to tinker! Your time is worth money and you should be spending it on growinge your business.

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