FBI arrests member of one of the largest hacker groups in the world


The hacking community is growing at an exponential rate. They are continuously trying to get vital information from small businesses and large organizations. In fact, normal people like us are not excluded from the hacker community. Recently FBI has arrested a member of the Fin7 group. The Fin7 group is often considered the most lethal and largest hackers group in the world. In general, they carry out their operations on fast food chains, supermarkets, large business organizations, and even hotels owned by former president Donald Trump.

Tough challenge

Arresting an active member of the Fin7 group has been a very tough challenge for the FBI. Hackers are continuously changing their identities and using modern technology in a very sophisticated way. Even after having the most advanced resources and money, the FBI was unable to make an arrest on this group for a long time. However, in 2018, they managed to successfully arrest 3 members from the Fin7 Group. We strongly believe that their relentless effort will soon ground this team but still, we will need to be extremely careful.

Is it the end?

You might be thinking that arresting the active members in the Fin7 group is going to put an end to their dangerous crime. However, things are not so easy when it comes to online threats. The remaining part of the group is still active and looking for big hunts. In fact, with the current technology we have and legal barriers, it is very hard to track their activity in the public domain. On the contrary, the hackers are doing their best without following any moral values or legal laws.

Are we vulnerable?

There is no specific answer to this question. However, if we give you an honest answer, it would be wise to consider yourself as easy prey for the hacker’s community. Here you can find VPN software for Windows and start securing your internet connections. The moment you connect yourself with the VPN network, it becomes a tough job for the hackers to track your geolocation. In fact, it also hides your IP address and helps you to erase your digital footprint.

Worse is yet to come

People might be thinking that the Fin7 group will no longer operate with its full strength as the FBI has already managed to get some key insight about their activities. However, big companies are still concerned about the active remaining group. Arresting a few people in this group doesn’t mean they are not able to conduct any organized crime in the criminal world. That’s why most of the tech giants companies are still spending a decent amount of money to secure their critical information.

Think about the famous tech company Facebook. Can you even imagine what would happen if the hacker’s community gain access to millions of Facebook account users? Just by gaining access to their personal information, they can steal their identity and make the online world a real mess. Considering such a vital threat, the FBI is still working very hard to eliminate every single threat imposed by the Fin7 group.

Is there any other group?

Now the ultimate question is, is there any other group capable of carrying such large-scale crime? Well, we don’t know the answer yet but it would be wise to assume that there are several other groups just as lethal as the Fin7. So, how do we protect ourselves and our business from such criminals? We need to educate ourselves properly and follow the basic safety protocol. Though the big security companies will do their best to limit the actions of the hackers still we need to take some steps to help them. Unless we work on our own security, chances are very high that we suffer from the hacker’s threat in near future.

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