How to check If Your Device Supports USB 3.2?


USB 3.2 is a new standard that will double the data transfer speed along with way fast charging. For this device should support USB 3.2, but then the big question comes in your mind. How would you check if your smartphone or computer supports USB 3.2 or not?

There will be adapters with USB 3.0 / 3.1 on one end, and USB Type-C on the other soon hit the market.

Not that far away

The USB 3.2 thing is very new and so it will hit the market and many vendors will include USB 3.2 support in their devices including Smartphones and laptops. original specifications of USB 3.2 will release in September 2017 in USB development event in North America.  There is one thing for sure and that is data transfer speed and usual details are expected in that event which will help somewhere in September this year. It will surely bring a major boost in charging department along with increase data transfer speed because if you have a device that charges via USB 3.2 you will feel an improvement in both charging and transfer speed.

The old USB 3.0 promoter group, that includes Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Texas, HP and some more of its member announced that the USB 3.2 will support multi-lane operation that will medically allow devices to transfer multiple lines of data simultaneously.

Defining the doubling of bandwidth for existing USB-C cables. SuperSpeed certified USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 cables will be able to operate at 10 Gbit/s (up from 5 Gbit/s), and SuperSpeed+ certified USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 cables will be able to operate at 20 Gbit/s (up from 10 Gbit/s). The increase in bandwidth is a result of a multi-lane operation / Source.

Check if your Computer supports USB 3.2?

On Windows 10, Windows 8 and older use Device manager to determine USB port if it’s 3.2 powered.

Open Device Manager on your computer.

  • Tap on Cortana and say “Device Manager”
  • Right click on the start icon and select device manager.
  • Right click on my PC and select manage then device manager.
  • Press the windows key on keyboard and type device manager.

You will find your USB port version under USB Universal serial bus controller. For reference purpose, you can see either USB root hub (USB 3.2) or USB eXtensible Host Controller.

check if my computer support usb 3.2
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Check if your Smartphone supports USB 3.2?

Unless you didn’t check your mobile phone’s specifications, this application can check your Android phone if it is compatible with USB 3.2.

What if my device supports USB 3.2 but I use old USB cable?

You can use old USB cable, and if both devices have USB 3.2 USB port, there will be arguably faster data transfer speed despite the old generation USB cable.

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