How to make Canva website mobile friendly

Canva is a dead simple tool for everyone who wishes to design effortlessly. recently they launched a fully flagged drag-and-drop builder and now they have launched a single-page website feature, allowing you to create a single-page website using their free drag-and-drop builder. The possibilities are endless with Canva’s templates and resources. Even in the free plan, you can use up to 5 subdomains, for custom domains to work you need to upgrade to the Pro plan.

Today let’s talk about how to make sure the Canva Website displays correctly on mobile devices. For this to work we need to enable the mobile responsive feature, let’s look at the instructions.

Step 1. Open and choose Website from the homepage. If you already have an existing design, select that.

You can also choose any design that you created earlier it does not have to be necessarily a website template it can be anything that you have worked previously. For those designs click on Share > More > Websites.

Step 2. Choose any template that you want, once you’re satisfied click on the Publish button. This is the main point of this article, select Resize on mobile with the Navigation option. Your site’s navigation is now mobile-optimized.

If your design has multiple pages you can also website with multiple pages. Once you’re done with the options tweaking, you should double-check your site’s responsivness on a mobile device. If you lack one, use a 3rd party responsive online tool, or Chrome’s Device toolbar (CTRL + SHIFT +M)

That’s it, your one-page site is now mobile-friendly. The drag-and-drop builder makes the possibilities endless, you can design the page into anything, it can be a simple portfolio or a shop listing.

What’s the limit of Canva’s free site builder?
The free plan limits you to just 5 free subdomains (* initially you can grab your short subdomain for free. For the time being you can hrab your short usernmae because with more people claming their username it’ll be hard to get a good username (subdomain) at a later date. You should use this feature to showcase your personal projects, resume or even a page where you can showcase all your social media profiles.

It can’t replace WordPress
Remember these website are good for single pages, they are not benificial if you plan to monetize. It can’t be a full repalecment for CMS like WordPress and Blogger. Full websites includes a fully functionl web server, and other aspects and that’s time cunsuming. If you can;t mange a web server go with managed hosting. Canva’s page builder is uniqe because of the thousands of ready made templates and thousands of free and paid resources.

Canva is quick to launch the Website feature just after their drag and drop builder. With this speed they can easily launch a more intuative website managment service.

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