How to Regram on Instagram From Android, iOS and Windows


Are you a person obsessed with Twitter’s retweet feature? Facebook has share option, and even the new exceptional social network Ello got their own.

Do you want to know how to repost on Instagram?

Before starting I’d like to ask you something “what does repost mean on instagram”: Uploading other people’s picture on your Instagram Account with credit. For that, you have to download a pPicture to your mobile first then upload it from your account.

how to repost on instagram

There are many options that automize this task for you. Because:

Sadly you don’t have any post feature in Instagram yet, and there is maybe no possible that you get this feature in even future.

This may because of instagram approval for peoples with your images. And obviously, someone will not want you to repost your pictures without credit.

In this post, we will discuss possible ways to repost on Instagram. We dug deeper and found 3 simple ways to repost on Instagram.

How many times you were scrolling your Instagram feed, and see a photo, and you are like” oh man I need to share this photo with my followers.

How to ReGram Post on Instagram.

I got you, buddy. You want to repost (regram) a picture on Instagram. Lets’s dig them one by one. Choose a method that looks convenient to you. But keep in mind that you should always give credit to the original owner of the corresponding image or video.

1. RePost on Instagram using from Android. 

This is simple all you have to install an Instagram regram application on your iOS or Android. There are many apps, so you need to find the right one, cause you are going to share your credentials with the repost app.

1. Open play store and search for an regram apps, For example, these are the regram apps for Android and IOS. (you can also go on Play store to find similar regram apps.

how do i repost on Instagram

2. Download and install the app. Open your app drawer and tap on the repost App. You’ll asked to log in with your instagram credentials.

Once you do that, you can search a people or images just like you do on the original Instagram app.

You will see repost button Beneath every photo you open in the repost app. All you have to click on that button and you are ready to repost the image on instagram.

repost instagram

That will automatically add a clear credit to the original owner of the image or video. You can also give a little extra Shout Out to the owner in the caption area.

You can also apply filters to tune-up image once you are satisfied click on the submit button. The photo is shared with your followers.

Regram posts without any app

This method is for those who are looking for a native method to repost stuff on Instagram. All you have to screenshot your mobile phone screen while opening the image.

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    • Repost on Instagram using Screenshot Method.
      • Open the Instagram App on your mobile and navigate to the image and take a screenshot. Later, crop the picture and Upload it from your Instagram account.

You can also use web-client to browse Instagram and capture screen; then you have to transfer the image to your smartphone’s gallery directory.

More Questions!

How do you repost a video on Instagram? Some websites like DownloadGram can help you download an Instagram video to your phone or computer; later you can upload them from your Instagram account.

how to repost a video on instagram

Give credit when reposting pictures and Videos on instagram.

Yes, you should always give credit to the original owner, if you use the repost apps their name will auto printed on the images, either way, you should give them an extra shout out by mentioning in the caption area.

Warning: Not giving credit can lead your Instagram account to ban.

So now you learned everything about reposting on instagram, whether it is a photo or video. So how you are going to repost on Instagram, let us know in the comments arena.  So can you regram on instagram, hell yes. Tell this to your Friends and give a surprise.

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