OnePlus 9, 9R, and 9 Pro Disadvantages list, verdict, and alternatives


OnePlus just debuted as a flagship rather than the flagship killer with the 9 series. let’s talk about where they have gone wrong and see all the disadvantages and cons present in the OnePlus 9 Pro, also we talk about the cons in OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9R.

Dave2D (quality tech YouTuber) once said, if the Hasselblad partnership with OnePlus doesn’t live up to the hype, They (OnePlus) will look like a clown. It turned out to be true, and the pricing is insanely higher compared to the previous OnePlus series.

Here we’re pointing out top 10 disadvantages of OnePlus 9 and Oneplus 9 Pro.

OnePlus 9 Pro Disadvantages which make the company a CLOWN

1. Front camera is outdated

the front camera sensor is Sony IMX471 (16MP, Aperture: ƒ/2,4 and Pixel Size: 1.0 µm) which is the exact same as we can see on Oneplus 8T. So there is no upgrade in the front camera department. If you’re a selfie camera person you’re rather good with 8T for a less price, why would you pay a hefty extra 25,000 INR for the exact same front camera sensor?

Some intreating facts about the front camera.

a. This is the 12th OnePlus phone that comes with the same sensor 🤡
b. 5th generation OnePlus phone with same sensor
c. 3rd year with the same sensor

2. Pricing just gone worse

Update: The 9 Pro currently can be purchased for 59,999 INR with a credit card offer (it was previously 64,999 INR without a credit card offer). OnePlus saw the heat and reduced the price, the 9 Pro starts at 59,999 INR of course with a credit card offer (before 64,999INR without any offer).

NOTE: For the credit card offer, the price is reduced by approximately 4,000 for the 9 Pro, 3,500 for the 9 and 2,000 for the 9R devices.

It’s all down to the partnership with Hasselblad, which was put there just for a marketing gimmick. The 150 million dollars invested forced OnePlus to increase the price by a phenomenal amount. The company seems to be following in the footsteps of Samsung and Apple, OnePlus used to be a company who listened to their customers.

The Pro variant is priced 64,999INR and 69,999INR respectively for 8GB and 12GB RAM variant in India. Even in United State it’s priced at $1069 + Free OnePlus Z earphone.

3. Camera isn’t up to the hype

OnePlus repeatedly labeled the camera “Hasselblad Camera” but the sensor is Sony IMX789 Main and Sony IMX766 Ultrawide. The specs are actually quite good, but MrWhosetheboss compared it to the Samsung S21 and it’s something in between.

Although they stated Hasselblad camera for mobile, the correct terminology should be Hasselblad camera software for mobile. I mean it would be like, I am a racer and my toy car’s wheels are developed by Ferrari, it won’t make any sense.

OnePlus 9 is equally sluggish and have disadvantages

Let’s have a look at Oneplus 9 drawbacks and later we talk alternative phone that comes with Snapdragon 888.

Oneplus 9 lacks all these features, not having a phone in the baseline variant is not acceptable.

  • Metallic body
  • OIS (optical image stabilizer)
  • Telephoto camera
  • Wireless Charging ability
  • IP rating

4. Plastic body for a premium flagship

You buy a 50,000 INR ($729) and it’s made out of plastic that’s plain gross. I mean rather have the money in your bank and wait for the next good company. We think Oneplus doesn’t want to sell the mid varient as they have gone with 2 terrible decision one being the plastic body and second inferior Display specs.

5. Camera lens in lower model but absent

The lower model 9R has all the camera sensors but the OnePlus 9 lacks the telephoto lenses. This can be a strategy to sell the Pro variant rather than the base variant. If they had all the camera sensors and the 2k Screen in Oneplus 9, I bet people would jump over it regardless of the pricing.

6. Wireless Charging is missing

Oneplus 9 does not support wireless charging. According to the company, the phone can be fully charged in just under 29 minutes. That is why the wireless charging function was not included in the phone. There is no wireless charging support on Oneplus 9 as the phone can be charged enough to last all day in about half an hour. That is why they didn’t include the wireless charging feature in the phone.

7. Poor colors options for non-pro

Oneplus 9 is available in astral Black, Artic Sky, and Winter Mist or Black, Blue, and Purple if you like simplified terms. For example, see the 9 Pro’s Mist color, it looks amazing and even the mirror silver is good enough too. With Oneplus 9 the colors are not that great and you’re limited.

Figure. The Pro variant has some amazing colors, sadly OnePlus 9 doesn’t

8. They did hurt us

I liked Oneplus smartphones when I bought myself a 5T device, I started recommending people for the company. With a pinch of salt, I ordered Oneplus 9 Pro thinking I need a new phone and that’s it.

What we expected

a. affordable pricing
b. Better front camera
c. people are good with sony 789 sensor and without color calibration

What we get
x. a good performance device but with a cost
y. They created quite a buzz on this camera, but it sadly falls far short of it
z. The pricing will attract only rich pockets.

9. They could have done better

DeviceBodyCamera BackFrontPriceOriginal Price
Oneplus 9 PROMetallicQuad setupIMX46159,999*64,999
Oneplus 9PlasticTri-cameraIMX46146,999*49,999
Oneplus 9RMetallicQuad setup (no HB)IMX46137,999*39,000

*price reduced with American express and SBI Credit card offer. All price is in INR,


Oneplus is not the same compony as it was 3-4 years earlier.

Alternatives to Oneplus 9 Pro, 9 and 9R Series

Oneplus 9 Pro and 9 alternative

Both Oneplus 9 and 9 Pro features Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 888 CPU with IMX471 as front camera. Oneplus 9 Pro has Sony IMX789 + IMX766 while Oneplus 9 has IMX689 + IMX766

DeviceProcessorBuy Link
MI 11SD 888
Poco F3 Pro/Redmi k40SD 888
Vivo x60SD 888
IQOO 7 LegendSD 888
MI 11X PROSD 888
don’t burn your pocket

Oneplus 9R alternative

Oneplus 9R features Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 870 CPU with Sony IMX586 as main and IMX471 as front camera.

DeviceProcesorBuy link
Oneplus 9RSD 888
Poco F3SD 870
Vivo X60SD 870Amazon india
IQOO 7SD 870
don’t burn your pocket
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