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Get Opera Touch for Android.

Opera has launched a new mobile browser, which is unbelievable can be used by single hand. The concept is they have added FAB (fast access button) to the bottom of the app that your thumb can easily reach. You can command the browser by tapping and sliding the fast action button to the different direction which performs different actions. It’s an amazing thing that a browser doesn’t need both of your hands. Opera touch browser is indeed can be used on the go, while talking to friends, holding the palm of your loveable one, it works great. It allows switching tabs, close tabs and other activities using the fast action button.

While browsing we often came across something that is just meant to view or access on a computer, that’s where the opera flow functionality which is embedded into the browser comes into play. Using the same fast access button, you can send the web page to a computer that has opera browser installed. You first have to make a connection using the QR code (scan the QR code which is displayed in computer opera from opera touch browser). You’ll be able to send web pages to your computer and the opposite.

When you think about making a connection between two devices, you certainly may think it goes through making user account – password and confirmation emails, well put all them aside. There is no sign-up or passwords are required to make opera flow work, just connect both with QR code, and it’ll create a secure personal connection. We’ve seen this between Microsoft Windows 10 and Cortana. It would make no sense to compare these two as both are different and built have a different perspective.

What is Opera Touch

Opera touch —mobile browser built to be used by single hand. Available on Android platform. The iOS version is coming shortly, meanwhile, you can test in on your android mobile and it’ll be quite more useful if you pair it with computer opera browser. It’s almost like the connection between Windows 10 (laptop) and Edge Browser (mobile) but less painful and only require a few seconds to connect. Also while you share pages between device you can also add notes or something to remember.

The latest Opera Touch is available on the google play store and does the job. You take out your phone and the screen starts in the search mode, that is the useual thing you can also search using your voice or scan a QR code, but the thing is that it’ll cut a few seconds that other browsers wastes.

With so many features and ability to use it single hand makes it a future browser. What are your thoughts about it?

Part 2. What is OpenFlow

Opera flow a connection between the opera touch (mobile) and opera browser (computer) to send web content while browsing. The connection is personal and private and only need to pair with QR code. This works from both of the ends. While you send stuff using Flow you can also conveniently add notes and things that you’d like to remember. Before this you might have been sending yourself email and messages to remember pieces of stuff, I even sent messages to my friends to save something from the web only to found out myself telling them it wasn’t for them–perhaps that’s a bad idea.

Learn more about, watch the video below.

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