Windows 10 is the latest much evolved, and the most wonderful Windows version out there. Check out some of the basic articles and resources to make Windows 10 better for you.

Microsoft currently offering Windows 10 ISO files which can be downloaded using this guide.

Below are some of the basic guides to the Windows 10,

Windows 10 all keyboard shortcuts: Windows 10 comes with some “new & unique” that lets you do things faster with keyboard buttons hit.

Windows 10 Cortana: There are people who may not like the Cortana (and wish to disable it) but you can make the use of it, cortana understands lots of commands and questions, here is the list of all commands you can ask cortana And some of the commands are really hilarious.

Windows 10 Tips and Tricks:

Disabling the Windows 10 automatic Update: Microsoft made automatic updates a mandatory function in the Windows 10, and it is annoying when you’re on a metered connection. (even if you disable Windows automatic update the Windows Store might no longer work and will require the Automatic Updates to be turned on, this is a real bummer).